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Cost Effective external TV Enclosures for Gardens and Pubs

You can still enjoy a TV outdoors with external TV enclosures Although the climate is changeable, it is possible to install external TV enclosures to extend the summer season as it cools down. Your guests and patrons of the pub will thank you for offering them access to the sports channels as they enjoy a […]


Digital signage enclosures for outdoor digital signage protection.

When deploying outdoor digital signage, digital signage enclosures are being used to protect the vulnerable electronics outdoors. Learn more here.


Protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions

Many audio visual consultants are specifying protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions to protect digital signage hardware that are exposed to the elements.


Backyard outdoor TV enclosure

A backyard outdoor TV enclosure is something to be considering this time of year, as spring is just round the corner.


Digital Signage Storm protection using LCD display enclosures

When digital signage is deployed, LCD display enclosures are to be considered for potential storm protection. Recently we saw a large flood in New York that was caused by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy, a lot of the outdoor digital signs got damaged with water and had to be replaced.


LCD display enclosures or outdoor TV enclosure – Discovered The Differences.

There are several differences between LCD display enclosures and an outdoor TV enclosure, the differences will be highlighted below, as well as what applications they are used for.


Transportation digital signage.

When you’ve been to any transport hub such as an Airport, train station or ferry have you not noticed the use of digital signage to keep you informed and entertained during your wait for connections?


Outdoor Display housings During The January Sales

Outdoor display advertising is becoming popular and with the run up to the festive period we are looking at how these TV housings can protect the hardware.


London 2012 Olympics Digital Signage

During the build up to the 2012 London Olympics digital signage was thought to play a large part of entertaining the visitors, with this in mind a client turned to us to manufacture a bespoke solution for them that would be the spot light for them as their London 2012 Olympics digital signage solution, this integrated various solutions in one.


Digital Menu Board Enclosure for Outdoor Digital Signage at Restaurants

Digital menu board enclosure is the latest additional in the digital signage market. This innovative equipment is highly used in most of the fast food restaurants along with short order outlets like sandwich bars and coffee shops.

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