Protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions

Anti Vandal LCD enclosure units.

Many audio visual consultants are specifying protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions to protect digital signage hardware that are exposed to the elements.

An example of when protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions are used.

An audio visual consultant in Philadelphia had a digital signage project in a run-down area that was extremely high risk. He initially purchased 5 enclosures to protect the digital signage hardware in this vulnerable area. Once the installation have been completed and signed off by the client, they got a phone call the following morning to inform them that they need to return to site again, when they got to site they discovered that all five locations had had the enclosure and hardware stolen!

Under the contract the audio visual consultants had to replace the hardware and the housings. Again the contractor completed the job and the client signed it off, the same thing happened the following morning. When he arrived for the second time on site the enclosures were there were due to the vulnerability in the design of the LCD enclosure the doors been opened with screwdrivers and the hardware stolen! As you can say this is becoming a very common occurrence and it was very frustrating for the contractor.

He decided to go for a protective anti vandal LCD enclosure which they purchased five units. He completed the installation and the customer on signing off told them jokingly to expect a phone call the following morning! The contractor was very anxious when entering the office the following day, however by lunchtime the contractor and not heard anything so he drove over to the site to learn that the five digital signage solutions were in situ and working perfectly. On inspecting the protective anti vandal LCD enclosures he discovered that people have tried unsuccessfully to break into the LCD enclosures and left empty handed.

The protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solution is still in situ and working perfectly well to this day 12 months on! Selecting the right a protective anti vandal LCD enclosure could mean the success or failure of the project or even financial ruin for the contractor.

Why specify protective anti vandal LCD enclosures?

anti vandal LCD enclosure

Architects’ and consultant specify protective anti-vandal LCD enclosure solutions for the projects so that the project is fit for purpose from day one, this results in a faster return on investment and this allows the advertising agency to develop their advertising revenue stream quicker.

Architects’ and consultants will not specify something if it is not required for a certain project, they only specify products or services that benefits and adds value to the project. They do not want to be responsible or associated with a failed project as this would impact on their reputation and would reduce the future work they would get.

Success with protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions.

The above is just one instance of a success when using protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions, there are many especially when companies deploy these protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions as part of a digital signage network within a railway station, airport, and any outdoor location that has any slight risk of vandalism.

DOOH Ltd is a leading supplier of digital signage hardware including floor standing interactive kiosks as well as manufacturing protective anti vandal LCD enclosure solutions.

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