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Video Wall hardware solutions for digital signage

Video wall hardware is being used for digital signage applications to create a massive impression with consumers, promoting an advertisers product to the masses.


College Digital Signage Solutions

College digital signage is on the increase due to the amount of duty of care that is required for the students during the working day as well as the colleges using digital signage to market themselves and have a residual income stream.


Outdoor Digital Signage Options Available

Digital signage, began originally in our shopping malls and retail parks and other indoor locations-then the solutions were installed outside to provide outdoor digital signage solutions. It transpired that outdoor digital signage got people into the retail outlets to purchase items they had seen on the outdoor digital signage hardware.


Video Wall hardware solutions

A video wall is made up of numerous flat screen displays that are mounted so the screen bezels are touching, allowing anyone to create a rectangle of any size with an almost seamless video.


QSR advertising solutions using digital signage

Many companies in the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) advertising solutions industry are using innovative ways of marketing their products to thousands of potential customers, form QSR POS systems to outdoor digital menu board kiosks.


Video Wall Screens and the perfect video wall

Video wall solutions are being deployed in many locations from shopping malls, hospitals, schools and even in NOC (Network Operations Centres), so let us look at the options.


Outdoor Digital Advertising Solutions

Today, technology has gotten so advanced that outdoor digital advertising solutions have occupied the spot of traditional advertising boards or banners. These outdoor digital signage solutions can be observed in financial trading centers and other commercial areas where there is a scope for businesses to advertise.


Video wall digital signage solution

People can observe a video wall in trading markets, sporting stadiums and other public or community centers as it is a group of tiled LCD screens that give one giant image, so everyone can see the image clearly.


Fast Food Digital Signage Hardware

Fast food digital signage is seeing a huge increase in Europe and the USA, due to the demand for providing food labeling as well as increasing sales for the fast food outlet. SO let us look at the solutions available.


Branded kiosk for indoor and outdoor digital signage success

A branded kiosk is pushing its way forward in the digital signage industry, as it is now linking the hardware to the companies who use them.

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