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Outdoor Digital Signage – The Options

When outdoor digital signage has been chosen at the marketing media for a business, there are now some further choices as to what hardware will be used. Let us look at the different types from the most expensive to the most cost effective.


An LCD Enclosure – When Security Matters

An outdoor LCD enclosure is a new phenominom when someone wishes to install a regualr home TV out in their backyard or a commercial screen outdoors for digital outdoor signage.


Digital Poster – The New Event Board

A digital poster has traditionally been used for dynamic advertising, now these are turning into a very lucrative market as an event board, discover how easy it is.


Digital Signage – Abu Dhabi Grand prix

This weekend saw the second prix that Abu Dhabi hosted, this year though there has been a huge increase in the use of digital signage, some indoors and some outdoor digital signage.


LCD Enclosures – Outdoor Digital Signage

LCD Enclosures are used to protect outdoor digital signage, due to the vulnerable electronic hardware that makes this dynamic signage jaw dropping.


Outdoor Digital Signage – Protection in Winter

How does this hardware get protected throughout the toughest time of the year? Winter brings back thoughts of last year with the heavy snow fall in the UK that brought most of the roads to a standstill, so imagine what this will do for delicate electronics.


Psychiatric Units & TV Protection

Anti ligature LCD TV enclosure -protecting the vulnerable and mentally fragile in our community, as well as the hardware.


LCD Enclosures – Know What To Look For From A Vandal Proof LCD Enclosure

At LCD Enclosures Global, who are the leading manufacturer of various range of outdoor LCD enclosures, these are specifically designed for different applications.

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