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Digital Signage Storm protection using LCD display enclosures

When digital signage is deployed, LCD display enclosures are to be considered for potential storm protection. Recently we saw a large flood in New York that was caused by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy, a lot of the outdoor digital signs got damaged with water and had to be replaced.


Harbor restaurants using waterproof LCD enclosure solutions

Restaurant digital signage is being protected by waterproof LCD enclosure solutions, these harbor side restaurants and now able to deploy outdoor digital signage at any harbor side location.


Benefits of using digital menu board.

The design and feel of many quick serve restaurants is about to undergo a major change, with the help of digital menu board solutions to comply with the U.S. Federal government passing a bill for food labeling that is expected to be enforced later this year.


Floor standing LCD Advertising poster New for 2013.

Towards the end of 2012, DOOH Limited saw an extremely large increase in floor standing LCD advertising poster orders.


Retail digital signage in 2013.

We have seen a fantastic growth in retail digital signage during 2012 now we have to consider what will be in 2013. What technologies will we use?


Self-harm in prisons is on the rise.

n the past five years, the self-harm in prisons has increased over 100% this is why everything has to be secured properly so that the inmates do not find themselves.


Talking digital signage.

Are we likely to see and hear talking digital signage in 2013? Well the answer is yes and Casio are the brains behind it.


LCD display enclosures or outdoor TV enclosure – Discovered The Differences.

There are several differences between LCD display enclosures and an outdoor TV enclosure, the differences will be highlighted below, as well as what applications they are used for.


Transportation digital signage.

When you’ve been to any transport hub such as an Airport, train station or ferry have you not noticed the use of digital signage to keep you informed and entertained during your wait for connections?


Digital Signage And Digital Advertising.

Understanding digital signage and outdoor advertising is essential for whatever application you intend on using, this will increase the ROI and the correct hardware will be used.

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