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QSR Menu Boards for Faster ROI

In an effort to push for better customer engagement and information, many fast food chains are now using QSR menu boards. We live in modern times, and the QSR market is no stranger to several changes that are taking place in order to further boost sales.


Indoor Advertising Systems & Screen Sizes

It takes one to three minutes for retention to set in from reading advertisements on signage using indoor advertising systems and better retention, of course, leads to potential sales.


Digital Signage Housings 101

Digital signage housings have become quite indispensable in advertising and industrial computing. The reason for this is simple: going digital is one of the latest trends in these industries.


Using ePosters for Dynamic Advertising

The role of the ePosters in advertising has been increasing and evolving continually. There are some unique advantages of these posers and this has made them very popular.


Providing Digital Signage Protection 24/7

There are several reasons for the huge importance that is significant for digital signage protection, discover more here.


Restaurant advertising using digital signage hardware

Digital signage is fast becoming very popular and is being installed for many situations, learn how here.


Video Walls for Shopping Malls.

So much money of the economy is either spent or made at retail outlets, that installing video walls for shopping malls will earn a huge ROI – return on investment. As many hundreds of people pass through a shopping mall on a daily basis – each one is a potential customer.


Success for Interactive Digital Signage Kiosks within the Entertainment Business

Digital signage kiosks have been a development which has enhanced the public’s interest over the last couple of years and recent figures indicate a steady and substantial growth consistently over the last half decade, of certain segments of trade and industry, particularly within the entertainment sector – which is worth billions of dollars.


Portrait Digital Signage Housings – 101

There are two different methods in which digital signs can be displayed, which are landscape and portrait orientation, the narrow width screen is protected by portrait digital signage housings.


Protecting ROI in Digital Signage Installations

The initial outlay for installing an advertising display screen may be a substantial investment, so protecting ROI in digital signage installations is crucial.

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