Sunlight bright digital signage for Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising using sunlight bright digital signage.

If you are lucky enough to live in a sunny climate, then sunlight bright displays are most suitable for your digital advertising campaign. Competing with the glare of the sun on a hot day can often defeat the objective; as passing trade fail to be able to read or even notice the display screens. It can really hurt, or even damage the delicate eye, as the suns brightness is magnified – far more than the human eye can cope with. All that time, planning and effort will go to waste if the screen can not be seen.

Sunlight bright digital signageSunlight bright display.

Sunlight bright display enclosures provide a protective covering, which deflects the powerful suns rays of light, giving a clear and comfortable view of the screen. Digital signage is often displayed indoors too, where windows can also magnify the amount of sunlight directed at the screen. However, for this purpose, sunlight bright digital signage for outdoor advertising is the issue.

The screens are usually larger than domestic TV screens (around 70” plus) to capture the public’s attention, so what is the point in mounting it where the sunlight will affect its view-ability? The sensible option would be to change the location; however that is not always possible, so a specific screen will be used. The amount of ‘nits’, ie 2000, is suitable for most sun bright locations, like gaming areas, theme parks, shopping malls and public transport advertising. Having a display monitor which is back lit, also makes a difference to the clarity of the screen. There is nothing worse than shadows, glare, white-out and distorted images – all of which hurt your eyes.

Sun bright readable screens cleverly filter out the unnecessary additional light in the room and can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, bezels and mountings; something to suit all tastes, locations and budgets. Imagine this scenario; a visitors information display screen, in a theme park, next to a water attraction in the midday sun – the spray is going to work with the sun to obliterate the images on the screen – which could well be a key position for merchandise. This problem can be alleviated by installing sunlight bright digital signage. But be warned against just covering a basic screen with an anti-glare film – this won’t last long as it peels from one corner, is easily scratched or vandalised.

digital signage business development manager

Purchasing a sunlight bright digital advertising screen fulfils many applications which often include rolling script, video, both moving and static pictures, and media streaming. The screens are often used in remote access – meaning the content is altered, changed or updated in quick time, without the need for an engineer to attend site. There are even crisis moments where a screen needs to be clear and highly visible – particularly in the case of an emergency evacuation or procedure.

For all your sunlight bright digital signage requirements, contact us today on +44 (0) 843 2893717.


The Pros of DOOH Signage

Understanding DOOH signage.

I say the ‘pros of DOOH signage’, because there really aren’t any ‘cons’! Apart from funding the hardware and creating the software, it is a huge money-making advertising market.

One issue to overcome, however is finding the right location:

  • Side of a building
  • In a shopping mall
  • Floor standing kiosk
  • Hung from a ceiling bracket at a music venue

The possibilities are endless. This article though is aimed at land owners and landlords of buildings, as they have the right to apply for permission to install external signage. We are all familiar with the traditional roadside paper-poster hoardings, but these have been revolutionised by technology: introducing the electronic digital signage screen. This can be one single screen or a tiled wall of LED panels, creating a massive and very effective screen. London has caught-on in the last year or so, but there is huge potential for growth in other major cities. The US has a major share of the market, as well as Asia, which is to be expected.

Deploying DOOH signage.

Location, location, location is crucial to a successful advertising campaign. Passing clients and potential customers need to see the screen to be influenced into making a purchase. From passing by in a vehicle, on a particularly slow moving road increases the potential for a sale, to walking through a car park on the way into the mall, and walking through the departure lounge of the airport; digital signage screens are everywhere.

The beauty of this type of DOOH (digital out of home) advertising is that it is kept up to the moment, no delays in altering or updating content, quick change results for obsolete stock, or unavoidable issues – offering an alternative at the click of a button.

interactive DOOH signage

So, what are the planning restrictions? Well, that does depend on your state or county: is it appropriate for the landscape? What impact will it have on the environment? These can’t be considered as ‘cons’, just factors to be resolved. Advertising is a multi-million dollar business and has a huge impact on the economy. Regular maintenance will keep the digital signs working to their full potential; cleaning of the LED panels and replacing no-working screens will provide a creative platform on which to advertise.

Building up into ‘free space’, for example a screen hanging from a link building or roof structure, or attached to the side of a large building is more cost effective than using expensive floor space. So as the owner of the building you are renting out space, which otherwise has no economic use, but can bring in a serious income for you. Just think of the icon buildings in Times Square NYC – it is more profitable to rent the outside wall space of certain buildings than to rent the offices within! (and with far less issues).

So, what is the next massive leap for dooh advertising….I know vehicle screens are being developed for lorries and tax-tops, it will revolutionise our landscape, without costing a fortune.

ProEnc has vast knowledge and experience supplying and installing DOOH signage across the UK and Europe.


Ultra Slim Bezel Digital Signage

Ultra slim bezel digital signage.

Technology is focused upon style as well as specification, so an ultra slim bezel digital signage screen is becoming increasingly popular. Indoor and outdoor screens can benefit from this application as there is an almost seamlessness to tiled (adjoining) screens.

Breaking up the content image into ‘parts’ is frustrating and gives a poor quality to the content; advertisement or information. A far more professional approach is to use an ultra thin bezel frame, which gives the impression of one large screen which flows graphically. An ideal size for most applications is 55”, which is used as a video wall, giving the feeling of one screen. This would suit retail stores, transit stations or public art displays.

Using ultra slim bezel digital signage.

Forward thinking ad agencies are willing to use video walls, with a number of individual screens, for pedestrian zones or roadside advertising. Because of its size and clarity, it makes an ideal platform for displaying quite detailed images and/or text. A thick black line between screens is a hideous sight and detracts from the image being portrayed. The only place this may be acceptable is for each screen to display individual content. The large-screen market is growing incredibly well as other uses are found; music venues, public displays and sporting events can broadcast video which some concert-goers may not otherwise be able to witness.

ultra slim bezel digital signage

The rising market expectations have engaged commercial-grade screens, along with the ultra thin bezel of around ¼ inch, the resolution is far superior than previously and having an LED back light has also improved the performance. Many of us are also conscious about energy consumption, which features highly in these modern screens. The set up and installation is quick and efficient, which makes it suitable for temporary installations, however these screens are also great for more long term uses. If the thin bezel screens are to be placed outdoors, make sure this is clear when ordering the screens, as some are not; weather-proof, water-proof or fail because of sun glare on the screens. The maintenance and care of these screens is simple and uncomplicated, all because they are sealed units, with very few parts to go wrong, especially if they can be accessed remotely. Downtime costs money, both in lost broadcasting time, but also in engineers time, so lessening problems means that the screen will be running longer and more efficiently.

This way of simplifying digital signage opens up a new market for users, from professional advertising companies to venues hosting events – encouraging a new era of users and viewers. But not only information and relevant content, ie. the band in concert, but also advertisements can be slipped into the content which brings another element to the purpose and also brings in an additional income.

From a minimal configuration of just 4 or 6 screens, through to 100 displays, all daisy-chained together, would create a stunning and practical video wall. Quality thin bezel screens do come at a price; yet at just under $5k (July 2015), it is a small price to pay for an innovative investment, which includes a 3 year warranty for parts and labor for piece of mind.

ProEnc have the answer to your request for ultra slim bezel digital signage.


Recessed TV enclosures for detention centres and psychiatric hospitals

Recessed TV enclosures.

ProEnc have designed recessed TV enclosures to complement their existing anti ligature TV enclosures. These recessed TV enclosures are specifically designed for indoor, hostile areas, such as holding cells in airports, or other government detention centres.

Designing a holding room.

ProEnc work extensively with the US correctional facilities and behavioural units in North America and on the odd occasion with the NHS in the UK with their anti-ligature TV enclosures. It’s a common though that the United Kingdom is way behind the rest of the world, in the design of holding rooms and detention cells and has been proven time and time again with the inability to future proof their facilities.

In the USA they have an outlook that a person who is being deported may do something drastic and self-harm, rather than go back to the country they have escaped from. However compared to the UK Border Agency at certain airports, they have the view that putting more staff in a facility rather than protecting the flat screen TV from damage and being a potential ligature point will prevent these issues. We all know what will happen if someone kills themselves, surely in this day and age of litigation, they will cry, neglect of duty of care and breach of their human rights, walking away with a very heathy cash pay out for their loss.

Especially when you compare the cost of the recessed TV housing and the cost of man hours of extra staff, the enclosure would pay for itself in less than a month! Bear in mind when I recently returned to the UK, the queue at the border agency was at least 30 minutes with only 2 people on and severely undermanned and I am a UK citizen – what a joke!

With this in mind, ProEnc are proud to work with several high profile architects in the USA, that specify their product.

Duty of care and self-harm.

If someone is detained in the United Kingdom, they are under the duty of care of the UK government, so when any harm comes to them in our custody, the government will come under scrutiny, unfortunately, at that stage, it is too late and someone will have lost their life, due of the failings of others.

Recessed TV enclosures.

recessed TV enclosures

Now ProEnc have launched their recessed anti ligature TV enclosures, this range of protective housings, prevents anyone accessing a TV and using it as a weapon. These recessed TV enclosures also are locked and stop anyone trying to self-harm as nothing can be looped around the housing, as it is flush with the wall and sits into a recess in the wall. This patented pending design has been specified at 17 hospitals in the USA, 4 hospitals in Australia and the French Border Agency.

How are recessed TV enclosures mounted?

ProEnc’s unique design is bolted from inside the housing to the side walls and as usual, their protective housing comes with an internal TV bracket, thermostatic cooling and the patent pending cooling system that makes this unit the ultimate set and forget product.

So once the anti ligature housing is bolted to the wall, the TV is then mounted on to the internal frame and the door is then locked. Done!

ProEnc’s recessed TV enclosures for detention centres an psychiatric units are available in the following sizes:

RNL36 for displays 27” to 36”
RNL46 for displays 37” to 46”
RNL55 for displays 47” to 55”
RNL65 for displays 56” to 65”

For more information call us on +44 (0) 843 2893717 to discuss our recessed TV enclosures today.


Projector Enclosure UK Made by ProEnc

Projector Enclosure UK

Discover why dealing with projector enclosures UK producers can provide the solution you want at a very cost effective price, without having to pay for the costly middle man.

Projector enclosure UK based manufacturers.

ProEnc have 3 manufacturing facilities, one in Cambridgeshire United Kingdon, one in New Jersey USA and one in Melbourne Australia. This is why they are the main key player in the projector enclosure industry. Their secure, outdoor projector housings are the most cost effective on the market, it seems other makers are keep to provide less secure units at a higher price!

What seperates ProEnc and other projector enclosure UK manufacturers.

projector enclosure UK

The true answer, is there are no other dedicated UK manufacturers of projector enclosures, there are some who promote themselves as manufacturers, when in fact they outsource everything and stick a label on the projector enclosure UK made, claiming they manufacture the enclosure, here in England. Obviously, there are some drawbacks in using this type of business model, as their cost price will be as much as a real manufacturer based in the UK. The difference in their cost price and their sell price is their profit.

ProEnc projector enclosure UK and the world.

ProEnc’s solution is provided across the globe and in the past 3 weeks in January 2016, they have fullfilled 4 orders for a total of 23 projector enclosure UK requiring 4. Meaning 19 projector enclosures made in the UK have been exported to Australia, America and Sweden.

To deal with a real projector enclosure UK based manufacturer, contact ProEnc today and save yourselves some money and heartache!

Projector enclosure UK prices.

A recent customer was amazed at how much they saved, when they purchased the a higher specification projector environmental enclosure from ProEnc than a UK competitor. The UK competitor had quoted almost 50% more than ProEnc for a lower specification product and the lead time was 6 weeks.

ProEnc turned the units round with their expedited service in 13 working days and saved the customer almost half their original quotation!

Contact ProEnc today and get the benefit of their 23 years engineering experience, not some sales office or an installer who thinks they can jump on the bandwagon of ProEnc’s success.

ProEnc, the only true projector enclosure UK manufacturer, call them to discuss your requirements.


Interactive digital signage used at exhibition and trade shows

Exhibition interactive digital signage.

More and more businesses are using exhibition interactive digital signage, to engage with prospects at the trade shows, discover how this is achieved and how cost effective it is.

Interactive trade show signage.

The touch screen signs are brilliant at drilling down to get more information on a company, product or service. They can even be used as your 24 x 7 sales people! All you need to do is add the content to the computer attached to the display and then let the prospects at the trade show engage with the signs to get the data they need, just be on hand if they have any specific questions that the prospect may have for his or her project.

These interactive signs are one of the most effective for customer engagement, as 99% of the population has at one time or another used a touch screen mobile phone or tablet. This uses similar technology to deliver the advertising media and content, this can be in the form of still images, videos or even animations. The content is only limited by our own imagination.

Exhibition interactive digital signage.

Usually the easiest solution is a floor standing interactive digital signage kiosk as these can easily be integrated into the booth/stand design. These are available in an array of sizes from 40” up to 65” with screens in landscape or portrait – however the portrait screens are more popular for trade shows and exhibitions, as they are easier to integrate into the design.

These interactive kiosks can even be vinyl wrapped in the company’s logo and corporate colours, to enforce the branding of the business.

interactive digital signage

Transporting interactive digital signage.

When these exhibition interactive digital signage kiosks are being transported they also need protecting, as they are usually supplied initially in a wooden crate and once at the venue the crate is promptly disposed of, this can cause a problem in returning the interactive advertising kiosk to the corporate head office. Once the touch panel part of the display is damaged, all interaction is lost, so the best way to transport any floor standing interactive digital sign is by using a flight case or transit case specifically made for the kiosk, this will have the compartments for any accessories such as power lead and even base plate.

digital signage transit case

Using a digital signage flight case ensures that the hardware is kept in the best possible condition and will ensure the Return On Investment for the hardware will be fast and that the investment is kept in as good as new condition.

Flight cases ensure that the hardware is not dropped, as the internal foam will absorb most knocks and bangs associated with transportation on a flight, the cases also come with wheels that can be locked when in storage and released for ease of mobility to other modes of transport.

digital signage flight case

If you want to learn more about exhibition interactive digital signage and flight cases, please call us on +44 (0) 843 2893717.


Who Stocks Outdoor Projector Enclosures?

Stocking outdoor projector enclosures.

This is a regular question we are asked about our outdoor projector enclosures is, are they in stock? As some customers will take on projects at crazy lead times and clash with national holidays.

Outdoor projector enclosures yearly demand.

One thing we have learned over the years is for certain times of the year you over manufacture to ensure stock, this is ideal for the last minute project or for stock directly after a national holiday or global tournament such as soccer’s World Cup or the Olympic games.

outdoor projector enclosures

In December alone, we’ve secured 12 projects for outdoor projector housings, these are all in stock and just need the relevant electrical components fitted for their specific country and then they can be shipped. Turnaround time for stock items can be as fast as 3 working days, making it an ideal solution compared to other competitors who are talking 4 to 6 weeks!

The Management put their success down to their experience and that they believe in investing in their standard product range, hence them being in the preferred solution provider for outdoor projector protection.

Why manufacturers don’t hold stock.

Some so called ‘manufactures’ do not hold stock, because of the simple fact they do not manufacture, they outsource the production to third parties in which they do not have any pulling power to pull a job forward.

They do not offer a standard product; having the mind-set that they cannot offer a one size fits all, how wrong they are and what missed opportunities they’ve passed by. The other alternative reason is the company may not be able to afford to invest in stock, this type of supplier I would stay clear of!

One thing is certain; we offer stock items on a regular basis and also offer an expedited (paid) service for custom or bespoke projector cases.

Partner with a true projector cabinet manufacturer.

Now you have the opportunity to partner with the leading manufacturer of outdoor projector enclosures that are exported all around the world, including the recent successes:

• Romania
• France
• Germany
• Australia
• Hong Kong
• New Zealand

So make the right choice and partner with a company that knows the industry, can provide a product when you want for your project at a good, cost effective price.

We offer several products including outdoor projector enclosures, check them out and call us if you need further assistance on +44 (0) 843 2893717.


Digital Signage Business Development Manager Vacancy

Digital Signage Business Development Manager.

Strictly no agencies.

We have an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, sales driven individual who wants to earn money! As the transport digital signage business development manager.

What we are looking for in a digital signage business development manager.

We are looking for a sales person who has extensive business development experience and contacts in the UK transportation industry, selling our patent pending digital signage solution to rail and road customers.

You will be disciplined and organise your own work week, visiting customers 4 days per day with 1 day in the office or working from your home office.

We are looking for a hunter and someone who has excellent contacts in principally the rail industry, located anywhere in the UK.

You will be selling our range of solutions to the rail network franchisees and other transit organisations, mainly for outdoor use and passenger information.

What we offer.

Achievable sales target with earnings in excess of £100K in the first year, year 2 expected earnings would be £150K plus a management position leading your own team with sole responsibility for the department and potentially a directorship.

  • A car allowance
  • Plus health care is also included.
  • Profit share in year 2
  • Over riding commission for team

digital signage business development managerDo not apply if you do not have the experience in both digital signage and transport, as these are key to the position.

Send your CV with why we should take you on and your current salary earnings to us at info [at] lcdenclosure.co.uk.

Strictly NO Agencies

Digital signage business development manager vacancy.


Outdoor projector enclosure certification.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure & Certification.

Outdoor projector enclosures are in high demand due to the development of projectors and the technology driving them. However not all outdoor projector enclosures are the same!

There are several manufacturers who claim that their products have passed certain tests, however the plain facts are they are lying…sounds harsh, but true!

What certification is looked for with projector enclosures.

Will it be weatherproof?
An outdoor rating that indicates the least water and dust ingress as these are the two main damaging factors when deploying projectors outdoors. The best solutions offer IP65 as the ProEnc, this means that our protective, outdoor projector enclosure can be washed down with a high pressure water jet and still any electronics inside remain dry. This is also classed as a NEMA 4X enclosure in the USA and Canada.

CE marked for Europe and UL marked for the USA/Canada, this is to confirm that the product conforms to certain EU directives and in some instances can be self-certification for a product! In the US our ProEnc has been tested and complies with UL certification by a third party testing company.

Outdoor projector enclosure manufacturers.

Any manufacturer of these outdoor housings as a standard range can have that specific design tested and certified, as we have done with the ProEnc range, each bespoke unit would have to be tested to ensure that the design met the standards claimed; otherwise these so called manufacturers are manipulating the sales process and misleading the customers.

The costs in testing each bespoke housing would result in additional costs of upwards of £1200 per unit, otherwise the bespoke housing you are buying is a none cerfitied product. This is why we are replacing competitors units with our robust solution.

ProEnc outdoor projector enclosure logoWhat does this mean to a customer?

If a client is looking for a standard product, there is no problem. However if the customer is offered a custom/bespoke projector enclosure this is when the investment is at risk, as the so called manufacturer will not have the certification or testing of the product that they claim they have and are misrepresenting their products! This will only come to light when there is an issue with water ingress or some other issue with regards to CE or IP rating.

ProEnc projector enclosures – 25 years manufacturing experience.

Unlike most in the industry, ProEnc’s management have over 25 years’ experience manufacturing outdoor protective housings, used in most of the countries in the world, from Dubai, Australia, North And South America, the Caribbean and Europe. So they know a thing or two about manufacturing outdoor projector enclosures. Their patent pending design is the only secure unit on the market, as other manufacturers use cheaper locks that can and have been forced open and the hardware stolen.

Questions to ask projector enclosure manufacturers.

  • How long have they been manufacturing their range of products?
  • What if the projector fails due to over heating or water ingress?

We are asked these questions constantly and this is why ProEnc is the leader in the industry, backed by our 25 years’ experience, we also have insurance should an issue occur and we will replace any damaged hardware, like for like. We are the only company to offer this guarantee, just ask the competition.

For more details on the leading outdoor projector enclosure manufacturer contact us today!


The Advantage of London Digital Signage

London Digital Signage.

There are almost too many advantages of London digital signage to mention in one article, but let’s look at who, why and where it is most advantageous.

As London is a tourist mecca (all year round) advertising plays an enormous part of bringing in addition income for businesses, including restaurants, theatres, hotels and places of interest. This helps the UK economy by billions of pounds.

Tourist mecca – London Digital Signage.

floor standing touch screen displays

So who would benefit from London digital signage? Obviously city centre areas – billboards, totems, kiosks and wall mounted screens offer any number of benefits, including many languages – which appeals to everyone.

Weatherproof TV screen enclosures offer accessibility whilst protecting the hardware from the elements and damage, like theft or vandalism. Shops, businesses, sponsors and promoters can all take advantage of the cost effective investment of installing video walls or individual media screens. Whether it is used to promote a product or service, merchandise or a show, this kind of media is well suited to a video screen, as it can broadcast visual elements, along with text and other graphics, combined to create a stunning advertising campaign. Imagine the amount of foot traffic, pairs of eyes and visitors seeking information in the UK’s capital. Of course it’s not just limited to London, many areas around the country and indeed any city in the world.

London digital signage

Why is London digital signage so successful? Outdoor advertising has come a long way in such a short space of time; traditional pasted billboards on roadside hoardings has become almost obsolete and have been replaced with stunning moving images on huge electronic screens. It is adaptable – at the click of button, so changes can be made in real-time and therefore it is constantly up to date. As many more advertising campaigns can be displayed on one ‘board’, in contrast to the one poster billboard; the cost can be shared out between several different businesses. It really is an ‘eye-catching’ phenomenon, which although has been around for more than a decade, it is still evolving and producing even more sophisticated displays. The quality of the visual display is exceptional in many weather conditions – from bright sunlight to dull cloudy days.

Deciding where to position a digital signage screen is a big consideration and can be a costly mistake, but the important points to consider are:

  • the best visual point for the target audience
  • planning issues (ie. a listed building)
  • alternatively place the screen inside the shop window
  • in most cases, check the position of the sun, which will dictate the screens luminosity
  • will the content be uploaded via the internet (multiple screens) or individually via a USB flash drive?
  • How secure will the hardware be – weather, damage and interference can all cause down time

There is no doubt about the success of digital signage advertising, as more and more screens are being erected on the London skyline, so if you are looking for an additional income by renting out an electronic billboard, and you have the available wall space in a very expensive location.

Why not call the experts on 0843 2893717 to discuss your London digital signage requirement.

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