Touchscreen LCD enclosure for Increased Brand Awareness

Touchscreen LCD enclosure solutions.


Ever though of using touch screen technology in your outdoor digital signage campaigns? Now you can rest assure that the hardware is perfect for this application and at a cost effective price.

Touchscreen usage.


We are all familiar with some type of touch screen functionality, this could be our PC, tablet or smart phone, so we now expect digital signs to be be interactive. We have noticed a large increase in outdoor digital signage applications using touchscreen enclosures, here in the UK and Europe. This is down to the end users wanting interaction with the advertiser.



Branding through a touchscreen LCD enclosure.


Many who run digital signage campaigns, understand that customers want to interact and if for example a clothing and footwear designer is marketing a new product, they could ask the customers there thoughts on colour before the launch. So they know which colors to stock the most of. This way they are not taking risks over stocking colors that may not sell and running out of stock that is a high demand colour.


This type of technology, also enables customers to find our more information and details of a product or service without being bombarded with sales people.



Touchscreen types.

touchscreen LCD enclosureThere are two main types of technology used for touch screen, the first is Capacitive and Resistant. Capacitive is most reliable for outdoor use, as it works in varied weather conditions.


Our protective digital signage housing, enabled businesses to deploy touch screen digital signage.


The protective housing is IP54 and provides all the protection needed for outdoor applications, the capacitive foil is adhered to the viewing window and the cables then attach to the AV display and media player within the protective housing.


DOOH Limited provide a cost effective solution for engaging, outdoor digital signage, with solutions from £900, offering the most affordable touchscreen LCD enclosure on the market. More details can be seen at www.lcdenclosure.co.uk



Digital Signage Fail

Digital signage fail – sometimes it doesn’t work out!

When any digital signage hardware is planned to be installed, it has to be planned correctly, otherwise a digital signage fail is waiting, as you can see from a recent installation in a well known high street grocers, they are missing a huge opportunity with this blunder!

Digital Signage Fail

Preventing a digital signage fail.

One of the first things you have to consider is that the hardware will last as long as possible. Looking at this installation the screens will burn out in a matter of months.

Nothing would be worse than having to replace the hardware due to the screen burning out. The only time this will change is on a Saturday as the store is busy then, so for the rest of the 6 days the store is open the sign displays the same image!


How to turn a digital signage fail into a success.

We would certainly, put adds on the screen using a networked media player, to promote offers in-store. Currently the monitor is used to tell customers which till is available. During the 20 minutes I was in store, the monitor’s screen did not change, which I would expect to reduce the life of the screen.

Digital signage needs content to be engaging and if a store goes to this expense it certainly needs to know that it’s investment will pay off, in this instance it will result in additional costs.

The same functionality of informing customers can be achieved whilst engaging with customers, offering promotions or notifying customers of future special deals. For around the same price as this installation cost, unfortunately this installer failed miserable!

More digital signage fail pictures can be seen below in the link, get a coffee and have a minute.

When digital signage fail, for a more successful solution contact us, our contact details are on www.lcdenclosure.co.uk



Digital Out Of Home Sci-fi Invades the UK!

What a sight to behold…as aliens, a giant sewer octopus and robots cause havoc around the streets of the capital! All in aid of promoting a well known brand of cola.  A specialist firm of digital out-of-home technology and a visual production company created the imagery across the London skyline. Very clever digital signage content brought to life realistic spaceships and even an abduction! Using digital signage and a transparent screen, directed onto the street scene, created a real-life adventure; not even a cinema experience can produce yet!   Have a terrifying look for yourself at: http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/article/229925/Augmented-reality-digital-signage-from-Pepsi-invades-London

Amazing street scenes of aliens, monsters and space ships, created for a soft drink promotion, using digital signage.

Amazing street scenes of aliens, monsters and space ships, created for a soft drink promotion, using digital signage.


Buy, Play and Go Digital Signage Media

Winners of The Digital Screenmedia Association were recently acknowledged at its 2014 DSA Industry Excellence Awards, which gave credit to the best businesses in digital signage, mobile advertising and interactive kiosk technology; utilized through all vertical market sectors.

These awards embraced a wide range of media products, from digital signage screens and kiosks in a shopping centre to a digital ePoster campaign with social media integration at a Major League sporting venue.

For example, having the ability to integrate a digital media system smoothly into a new medical facility, was a truly unique opportunity to improve the commitment of care whilst also setting a new standard for digital signage media integration.  Being able to fully communicate with all members of a team, families and those directly involved gives reassurance and confidence to everyone involved. 

To read the full article go to the website;







Opening A World of Possiblities in Digital Signge with Interactive Technology

We are familiar with the smart phone, but imagine where we would be without it – almost unthinkable! Which appeals most; apps or the interactive swipe screen? Within this white paper synergistic products are reviewed, so together with your smart phone, you’ll be right on trend. The plan is to integrate this thinking into the world of business.


Touch screen technology

Touch Screen Technology

See more at: http://catalogs.infocommiq.com/AVCat/CTL1642/index.cfm?manufacturer=keywest-technology&prid=10641#sthash.M0DDF0dd.dpuf


DOOH Ltd offer a wide range of interactive digital signage screens to suit your needs, which can be viewed at :



How to Utilize New Digital Signage Technologies

March 25 is a date to put in your diaries as digital signage provider Omnivex Corp present a one-hour webinar, which is free to access, entitled; ‘Emerging Digital Signage Technologies: Breaking Through the Hype’. It will look at sections of popular digital signage, including it’s rapid growth and how it is evolving. In order to please the viewers experience, there are a myriad of new digital signage technologies to choose from.

Read more about this new technology here:


How to Utilize New Digital Signage Technoligies

New emerging technologies for digital signage


Digital Signage Players Installed at Family Dentist

A multi-speciality dental practice in California, working mainly with children, has introduced the Videotel Inc. HD2600 digital media player to provide informative and educational advice to parents, whilst displaying the content in an engaging and entertaining format which attracts young children in the ways of good dental health. The media player content is displayed via a digital signage screen or digital poster; from a wall bracket, ceiling hung fixture or floor stand.

Find out more about the Videotel Inc. HD2600 digital media player;



digital media player

Image of a digital signage screen connected to a media player – source OneLan


Outdoor Digital Signage Trends For 2014

What’s in order for outdoor digital signage?

Digital signage has split into 2 sectors, indoor and outdoor digital signage and since 2012 we have seen a dramatic growth for outdoor digital signage solutions, learn what is available to engage people in digital advertising campaigns outdoors.

More and more organizations are deploying digital advertising hardware in outdoor locations, to capture the large footfall in these areas, but controlling the investment is key as is managing the project to ensure it comes in on time and on budget. So let us look at what options you can consider.

Outdoor digital signage totem.

outdoor digital signage


These outdoor digital signage units consist of a high bright screen up to 2,500 nits and a network enabled advertisement player, in the upper section with the stand that conceals unsightly cables and is bolted to the floor. The display is usually in a portrait position.
The protective upper housing for the electronics proves the essential security and the protection for seasonal and unseasonal weather! The best solutions have the option of air conditioning for extreme high running temperatures.


Typically, a digital signage totem has an AV display with a minimum screen size of 42″ up to a giant 80″. These are typically seen as QSR’s and used for displaying menus at Quick Serve Restaurants.

Outdoor advertising kiosk

An outdoor digital signage kiosk is a single unit that is bolted to the floor, rather than in 2 sections. The benefits are that the complete solution can be finished in either custom colors or even a custom vinyl wrap to replicate the client’s brand that is being advertised.
These are usually single sided, meaning that the high bright display is at the front and at the rear an additional light box is fitted to display a printed promotion for double impact – if required. Alternatively the light box can be omitted and the unit supplied with just a daylight bright display.

outdoor advertising kiosk

Content is streamed through the internet connection into the onboard networked media player and is perfect for an open shopping mall, as the advertisements will update simultaneously and can be controlled remotely, enabling restaurants within the mall to promote their services using day parting. This is an opportunity for the Mall’s management to create a recurring income stream.

Dual-sided outdoor digital signage.

Dual sided outdoor kiosks are the same as an outdoor kiosk, however it has 2 screens back to back and these are used in extremely high footprint areas such as open train stations and shopping malls.

In some instances, one side is used for wayfinding and the side is used for promoting local businesses, offers or increasing brand awareness.

Now deciding which to use, is down to you, your project and of course the budget.

DOOH Limited have a vast experience with outdoor digital signage, having created a multi-use outdoor kiosk for the London 2012 Olympics and since then, they have created custom units for many installers.  If you would like to know more, contact them through their website or visit www.lcdenclosure.co.uk


Outdoor 19” Rackmount cabinet for AV and Digital Signage

Outdoor 19″ rackmount cabinet.

Anyone not sure what a 19” rackmount cabinet is, will be confused with all the terminology, such as U measurements and the like, so let us try to explain it better and easier.

Outdoor data cabinets.

In most audio visual or digital signage installation the hardware that is networked has to be mounted in some type of cabinet, in most cases this is a 19” rackmount cabinet, the hardware is mounted from the internal mounting posts and the hardware is cooled with internal fan trays.

outdoor 19

An outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet – myths.

Many think that the front of the cabinet is 19”, wrong, the dimension of 19” is to the centres of the square punch outs in the front mounting rail.

Why is a 19” rackmount cabinet measured in “U”, well it is thought that U equals unit and each U is 1 3/4” of 44.45mm high, originally manufactured for data centres to store the hubs, and rackmount servers, these data cabinets are rather sophisticated as they can be co-locate so a single cabinet can be split so it can be used with 3 or 4 different businesses, without having the extra expense of a ¾ empty data cabinet. Each section is locked independently and access to other sections is restricted.

Lower cost solutions are fitted with just front mounting posts, these are ideal for light weight hardware as the hardware has to be positioned on modem shelves, either 1 or 2 U high. Ensure that side panels are removable otherwise installation could be difficult.

The better 19” rackmount cabinets are fitted with both front and rear mounting rails, this allows heavy equipment to be mounted from fixed internal shelves, either fixed or telescopic, to suit the application.

An outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet is designed to withstand everything mother nature can through at them, they are designed to be washed down with high pressure water jets to simulate rain showers.

Applications for an outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet.

A client may wish to deploy outdoor digital signage using a high lumen projector, the ideal solution is to run both power and data feeds tot he roof of the building where the outdoor projector enclosure is located, then the hardware such as the media player can be housed inside the rackmount cabinet in total security from theft and the weather.

With over 4 years experience supplying data cabinets to the industry, DOOH LTD know a thing a two about outdoor installations, we also supply ETSI cabinets.

Outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet work well with an outdoor projector enclosure, as all the hardware is protected, for more details check out www.lcdenclosure.co.uk 


Digital signage hire solutions.

Digital signage hire – is available.

Digital signage hire is a certain way to test a marketing idea rather than wasting money on investing in hardware that may not work for a businesses marketing campaign.

Many people do not consider digital signage rental,  as they think this new technology hardware is costly, by hiring the hardware lowers the cost of investment, then once the hardware has proven itself, the project can be rolled out across the companies numerous locations without having a high cost and then the hardware does not perform as the business management thought.

There are very few occasions that a digital sign does not provide a fast ROI, however by hiring the hardware, a business can try exactly what they want, just as if they owned the hardware.

Digital signage hire is growing.

Only last week, DOOH Limited completed a contract to supply 3 x 40″ floor standing digital signs to a UK client in Hong Kong, hiring can also be off set against taxes a business may have to pay, but it’s best to seek an accountants advice.  The length of hire can be from a single day through to a rolling monthly hire.

digital signage hire

We can provide both wall mounted and floor standing digital signage hardware, that is for rental.  Also interactive advertising signs are also available, so do not dismiss digital signage hire at it can be rather cost effective.

Contact DOOH Ltd to discuss any digital signage hire requirements, today.


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