Digital Signage Hardware January Sale!

Digital Signage January Sale.

Welcome to one and all into 2015! The Team wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.
We currently have several products that are associated with digital signage and digital marketing that we have selected to include in our digital signage January sale.

Digital Signage Hardware January Sale.

Network digital signage player – currently we have a number of these in stock that are perfect for remote updating of content. These are normally charged out to the Trade at £675 plus VAT, while stocks last we are offering them at £275 plus VAT!

Digital Signage Enclosure – our range of LCD enclosures are perfect for protecting the hardware from theft, they are fantastic for allowing organisations the opportunity to use displays outdoors in all weathers. The units range in the following size:
• AV36 for screens 27” to 36”
• AV55 for screens 47” to 55”

Anti ligature TV enclosures – specifically designed for use in psychiatric and prison environments, to protect the hardware from being damaged as well as protecting fellow patients and staff from potential attacks with parts of a broken display.
• NL46 for screens 37” to 46”

Future promotions.

We will have the products below on special offer on during the coming year such as an ipad look, floor standing digital kiosk for only £900! We will also be offering an interactive table, that is made for natural material such as timber and is aesthetically pleasing.


interactive digital signage table

Feel free to contact us on 0844 3574902 to discuss any digital signage hardware application or requirement and keep returning to our website for updated offers.


Update on Cambridge Digital Signage Fail!

We reported some weeks ago of the poor digital signage hardware being used at a park and ride venue in Cambridgeshire, the original post can be seen here.

The original solution was like this.

How digital signage goes wrong

After we contacted the Council with the issue – you could not see the transit digital sign we heard nothing, not even a telephone call. But on a recent visit to the same park and ride, we noticed something…can you guess what it is from the image below?

cambrdige digital signage fail


Yes, the digital displays have been taken down, hopefully the next solution from the Council will work!



Touch Screen Displays; Striking Brand Awareness

Interactive or touch screen displays – uses.

With every screen possibility covered, from touch screen displays as free standing visuals through to interactive floor standing kiosks, they all serve the purpose of modern advertising and engaging the customer with brand awareness.

touch screen displayOne of the most popular forms of digital touch screen displays are available in sizes 32” to a whopping 82”, however most retailers find 56” screens sufficient for their needs. Utilising a touch screen empowers the customer to be in control of his own choices; although touch screen implies the screen is touched by a finger, there is very little pressure on the screen, as infra red detection navigates around the system. This greatly lessens any damage to the screen. For easy use, this type of screen will just plug into a small personal computer via a USB cable, from where the content can be uploaded, amended or scheduled. The reaction of many clients, after purchasing this type of screen is very positive, as it is a quick, accurate and reliable media which results in a growth of touch screen sales. Although it is one of the more basic forms of digital advertising, it has the capability of playing dynamic content of including music and video. Upgrading to to HD screen has the benefit of a wider viewing angle, which can be positioned in either landscape of portrait mode, making it adaptable for repositioning at any time.

Free standing touch screen displays.

Alternatively, the free-standing multi-touch digital display screen is a popular model, particularly with way-finding at airports or events. The most common size, which fits most applications is a 40” screen with a aspect ratio of 16:9, making it ideal for viewing. Again this type is infra-red, so there is less likely hood of screen damage (some people use keys as pointing devices on the screen surfaces!). It is a reliable and responsive multi-touch digital display, where the clear screen allows for dynamic graphics to work well. As you would expect, it will broadcast video,music and other images, such as branding, special offers and promotions.

floor standing touch screen displaysFor a different look, consider the Free-standing Multi-Touch display screen, which stands tall, whilst mounted securely in a floor stand. This is a more permanent option, with planning and commitment for the power cabling and floor stand. It is a perfect and very effective screen within the retail sector and information points, like a shopping mall, transit station or sporting event. It is an uncomplicated/easy to configure – ‘plug and play’ system.

Another option, depending on the facility is a desktop touch screen, which is ideal for classrooms, point of sale retail displays and medical facilities, where patient log-in is offered. The screens come in various sizes from 17 inches to 21 inches and are durable yet easy to use, by either the IT operator or customer.

All these screens are resilient to most environments, but for additional security, piece of mind and investment protection, a metal housing unit, also known as an enclosure, offers protection from water ingress, screen damage, theft and exposure to extremes of temperature, as a thermostatically controlled heating and/or cooling unit creates a perfect temperature for optimum performance and longevity of screen life.

We offer a wide range or interactive and touch screen displays, call us on 0844 3574902 for a cost effective solution.


Digital Signage Fails!

Let us look at digital signage fails.

With electronic signage becoming more popular, you would think that companies that install and maintain these signs would get it right…As you can see over 2 days in July on a trip to London and then into Cambridge we saw these howling digital signage fails.

London Digital Signage Fails!

Well there are plenty to choose from, below is from the M & M store, as you can see the Audio and Aspect information is displayed in green, this is easily remedied by opening up the media player browser and clicking “hide” button in the settings.

digital signage fails

Now this is good, (or not) for a leading tourist attraction, who make £10,000’s every day! On our recent visit to Madame Tussaud, we noticed the digital screen that was displaying the pictures of the taxi through London, had tape around it! How unprofessional! I wouldn’t mind but it had not even been cut neatly! Just hand torn.

Digital signage fail

Now, we are saving the best while last, a day later we went into Cambridge and saw these prime example of how wrong it can be! The start of more digital signage fails

Digital Signage Fail at Cambridge Park & Ride

This is a new installation, how embarrassing! They have used an outdoor display that is weather proof, but I saw 2 problems, can you? The first one, is the most important – can you see the display? Even on a cloudy day the passenger information cannot be seen., what is it going to be like on a bright, sunny day?  The next problem is, the display may be waterproof, but it will not withstand an attack with a hammer or other blunt item. That would result in the passenger information system being rendered useless, until the screen was replaced with an anti vandal solution.

How digital signage goes wrong

Even from 1M away, it doesn’t get any better….Then off to Cambridge to see more. In one window of a global travel agent the display had a large box to the bottom right of the screen, that can be seen clearly from across the street. Surely staff saw this?

another cambridge signage fail

It stated instructions on how to create a factory reinstall disc!create new reinstall disc

digital hardware fail

It can happen to us all, but one thing is for sure, if we have to deploy these units, we have to maintain them! Otherwise frustration is experienced with more digital signage fails soon to be seen.

For more information on how to get right, first time, contact DOOH Limited on 0844 3574902, eliminating digital signage fails for your project.


Pricing for interactive digital signage – DOOH Limited

Interactive digital signage.

One of the main challenges that face a project is the pricing for interactive digital signage, this could be so restrictive, that the project is halted before it has begun.

But the fact is, touchscreen digital signage solutions do not have to be expensive, but please remember that the main costs are with the front overlay, that is the touch screen. This is constructed of thousands of wires, naked to the human eye, yet when someone touches the display and makes contact with the wire grid, the computer picks up their location on the screen and knows intuitively what content to show them, due to the interactive digital signage map, built into the hard drive.

Pricing for interactive digital signage hardware.

For a standard 42″ wall mounted, indoor interactive digital signage hardware will run any where from £1100 up to £11,000 for an 85″ interactive electronic sign. It depends on stock levels, brand of display and the current market value of the product.

interactive digital signage

Units are available in landscape, as above, making them perfect for disability access units. Others are free standing and used in locations as schools, hotels and even airports.

Normally, the media player is located in the base, to cabling is easy, just make sure the cables come to central point and enter into the stand, they have access points in the base.


This is a way in which people can navigate a building, college campus or even find meeting rooms in business centers. But remember these have to be in a high visual area, so no damage can occur to the screens.

Airport wayfinding.

Used to navigate travelers from the car park to the correct terminal, ensuring they get to their flight on time. This is a very good solution, when there are numerous terminals and it can be confusing for the travelers who are in a rush. Imagine if you parked off site and have to navigate through 5 different terminals without directions…with one eye on your watch, watching the deadline to check in almost vanish, whilst you struggle to find the terminal for your flight.

DOOH Limited have supplied many interactive digital signage solutions both in the UK and overseas, including: The Intercontinental Hotel Group, Sierra Leone Airport, London Heathrow and some Independent schools, to name a few.

Using our experience, anyone can have a cost effective, low cost interactive digital signage solution.


Anti Ligature TV Enclosure For Jail Protection

Anti ligature TV enclosure for protection.

Is allowing prisoners to have access to televisions is an acceptable right or a privilege? One thing is for sure; it will need an anti ligature TV enclosure unit to prevent any damage to the screen, hardware or indeed the detainee! There is no ‘never ending’ budget to keep replacing television screens due to abuse, so the sensible option is to protect it with a metal housing unit.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a plastic or wooden enclosure will do a good job, because this is just false economy. Plastic can shatter, causing more problems and wood absorbs sound and looks terrible! Purchasing a specially designed, metal anti ligature TV enclosure will protect many aspects of a detention center.

The main concerns when installing a television are:

  • the safety of the detainees
  • the safety of staff
  • the safety of visitors
  • the protection of the screen for continual use

Why use an anti ligature TV enclosure?

One of the problems with an unprotected television screen is that the screen can be shattered and broken causing shards of glass to become lethal weapons, with which to threaten, stab or harm another person. It can also be a weapon for self inflicted injury – certainly one to be avoided at all costs. The particular design of the shape of the enclosure is such that no material can be looped around the housing unit to cause a hanging possibility (otherwise known as anti-ligature or non-loop enclosure).

anti ligature tv enclosure


For the safety of staff and visitors, the visual displays need to be inaccessible to inmates, as even the wiring of the power supply and digital channel cables are harmful as ligatures. Not only do the broken screens cause a physical injury risk, but they cause arguments and even riots as detainees can not watch a program and this causes unrest within the institution.

A digital screen (protected of course!) is also an excellent way of communicating throughout the establishment. It can display; a variety of times, courses, announcements, weather, meal menus, religious services, employment opportunities and social events. Basically anything and everything that is applicable to a prisoner or member of staff. Additionally, health and safety infomercials can be scheduled as reminders if the occasion arises. It can provide safety routes and emergency procedures at the click of a button – saving time and lives if necessary.

Whether a television screen is in a communal area, therapy or quiet room, indoors or outdoors or in a personal bedroom, the risks are the same and so the solution is the same; a steel non-loop or anti ligature TV enclosure unit is the answer, call +44 (0)844 3574902.


Digital Signage For Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Digital signage for pubs and restaurants.

Digital signage hardware is now becoming rather familiar at locations such as bars, restaurants and even cafes. The reason is that the outlet can up sell their own products and brands to the customers, increasing revenue and profit at the same time.

Pub digital signage.

If you have ever been to any of the JD Wetherspoons outlets, you will have seen the advertising displays on the pumps, promoting the beer or lager of the week. This is perfect, as most customers will get to the bar and then decide what they drink, if there is an offer on, they may try it, tempted with the improved price or offer displayed.  These outlets also serve food, with specials featuring local produce that is more cost effective than regular set menu items, so the pub can afford to promote them on a deal offer, to get you to purchase them.  Personally, the food is fantastic but it does make it better when you get an alcoholic drink free with the meal! Dynamic advertising has been proven to increase revenue by 32% compared to not using it, making digital signage a fantastic ROI solution for the pubs marketing department.

Cafe electronic signage.

As above, the electronic hardware can be used to promote menu items all through the day, yet in a cafe environment this can be more targeted to breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items. Using day parting, the signs can be set up to display only offer items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, automatically switching from menu to menu without any human intervention – how? Well the items on offer are entered into the media player and the clock set to the operating times for 3 meal times. For example breakfast may run from 7am to 11am, then lunch 11:05 to 15:30 and finally dinner 15:35 to 18:00. Again this boosts customer spending and the cafe increases it’s revenue and profit.

Restaurant digital signage.

A restaurant is much like a pub or bar, so as the above examples show, this type of advertising is successful. The hardware is affordable and depending on the solution chosen can yield an ROI in less than 3 weeks.

To discuss any of the digital signage solutions above contact DOOH Limited, so they can talk you through the options for your specific digital signage solution.

digital signage

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Digital Menu Board Enclosures [Infographic]

Using digital menu board enclosures.

These protective housings are increasing being used by QSR’s outlets throughout the world, as they enable the restaurant to distribute advertising media almost immediately. These digital menu board enclosures protect the hardware used.

What sizes for digital menu board enclosures?

Available in sizes that range from 32″ to 65″ and can be mounted in landscape or portrait, depending on the location and application. This type of hardware needs protecting from the weather and potential theft, this is why the protective housing is required, to maintain the integrity of the signage.

Some of the hardware is network enabled and some has a built in media player, it all comes down to what the client wants and the budget involved. They can be positioned in landscape or portrait and usually above the checkout. So customers can see what is on the menu that day, how many calories the meal will be and of course, the cost. More and more outlets are looking at this mode of advertising, as it is extremely effective, for more details contact www.lcdenclosure.co.uk who will do their best to guide you through the options available to you.

digital menu board enclosures


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Temporary Outdoor Digital Signage A Mobile Solution

Mobile solution for temporary outdoor digital signage.

Some businesses look at digital signage then discount it, as they think outdoor digital signage has to have planning permission. However there is a new solution that is a temporary outdoor digital signage unit, read more here.
If you have ever been involved with a planning application, you will know it is a lengthy process, with no guarantee that you only get what the planning permission you need. However now, there is a way to deploy outdoor digital signage there is always temporary ensuring that planning permission is not required.

Temporary, outdoor digital signage, can be wheeled out just before the business opens, and are returned back in to the business at the end of the business day, providing the unit does not provide a hazard to pedestrians there should be no issue regarding using a mobile electronic sign.

What makes a temporary outdoor digital signage solution?

This it is an electronic sign that is weatherproof, and is fixed on a mobile platform, allowing the unit to be wheeled in and out of the business, whenever the business owner wants to promote a product or service.
It is not as simple as just sticking castors on to the base, as the base has to be calculated against the height to ensure it does not topple. Then once the unit is outside, these can be attached to a cycle rail or any other fixed item that has existing plan permission.

How to use a temporary outdoor digital sign.

DOOH UK offer a unit that is fully weatherproof and can fit through a single door way. The first thing to do would be to add content, this can be updated using the USB port on the media player or on the internal memory card, the unit can then be rolled outdoors in front of the business and the sunlight readable screen ensures the ads are seen, even at a distance.
Then run a power lead into the store, making sure the trailing lead does not provide a trip hazard, (best to put the cable in a cable mat, these are rubber and designed to take numerous cables for offices). Power the screen up and ensure the unit is secure; you do not want anyone rolling your sign down the road! This is simply achieved by having a small bracket bolted to the front of the business building and the unit secured to it, it should also prevent toppling.

temporary outdoor digital signage

Should any sudden rain shower happen, as it usually does in England, the hardware will not be ruined as it’s weatherproof.
At the end of the business day, all you need to do, is undo the secure fastening to the wall and wheel the unit back into the store. It could even be placed behind a half glazed door, so the screen can be seen and display ads in the evening, out of normal office hours.

Extra income stream for your business?

Once the unit has been used to market your business products and services, there is an opportunity for an entrepreneurial business owner to contact other non-competing local businesses, to see if they would be interested in advertising on the system that can be seen through the window at night. This would be perfect for companies such as taxi cabs, fast food restaurants or anyone else who wants to advertise their business. The media player will take over 500 4 minute ads, so if for example 50 ads are sold for £100 per month, that would equal £50 x 100=£5,000!

These other businesses may not have the initial funds available to purchase the temporary outdoor digital signage solution them selves and would be receptive to another business owner offering this.

The return on investment for the hardware would be as little as 6 weeks. Not forgetting that the normal ads would be set to operate during normal business hours on the scheduling software and the extra revenue ads out of hours, make’s it child plays to configure. Over a 12 month period, this sign based on the above figures will earn in excess of £60,000 of which £55,000 will be profit!

DOOH UK offer a massive range of digital signage solutions, from sunlight readable digital signage enclosures through to mobile, temporary outdoor digital signage solutions.


Touchscreen LCD enclosure for Increased Brand Awareness

Touchscreen LCD enclosure solutions.


Ever though of using touch screen technology in your outdoor digital signage campaigns? Now you can rest assure that the hardware is perfect for this application and at a cost effective price.

Touchscreen usage.


We are all familiar with some type of touch screen functionality, this could be our PC, tablet or smart phone, so we now expect digital signs to be be interactive. We have noticed a large increase in outdoor digital signage applications using touchscreen enclosures, here in the UK and Europe. This is down to the end users wanting interaction with the advertiser.



Branding through a touchscreen LCD enclosure.


Many who run digital signage campaigns, understand that customers want to interact and if for example a clothing and footwear designer is marketing a new product, they could ask the customers there thoughts on colour before the launch. So they know which colors to stock the most of. This way they are not taking risks over stocking colors that may not sell and running out of stock that is a high demand colour.


This type of technology, also enables customers to find our more information and details of a product or service without being bombarded with sales people.



Touchscreen types.

touchscreen LCD enclosureThere are two main types of technology used for touch screen, the first is Capacitive and Resistant. Capacitive is most reliable for outdoor use, as it works in varied weather conditions.


Our protective digital signage housing, enabled businesses to deploy touch screen digital signage.


The protective housing is IP54 and provides all the protection needed for outdoor applications, the capacitive foil is adhered to the viewing window and the cables then attach to the AV display and media player within the protective housing.


DOOH Limited provide a cost effective solution for engaging, outdoor digital signage, with solutions from £900, offering the most affordable touchscreen LCD enclosure on the market. More details can be seen at www.lcdenclosure.co.uk


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