The Many Faces of A Digital Signage Kiosk

Our evolving world with a digital signage kiosk.

Seeing a digital signage kiosk is nothing out of the ordinary these days, but just a decade ago they were emerging into our everyday lives. Now, how can we do without them? From advertising, way-finding and even ordering our fast food meal: this technology is overtaking our world! Our cell phone and smart phone devices all work on the same principal, graduating to larger hand-held devices right through to floor standing digital signage kiosks. These can be found in public areas for use by advertising companies and information bureaus; because of their ability to attract attention. With many thousands of pairs of eyes passing by daily the screens easily reach the intended target audience, making it a very viable investment.

There are so many different variations of these electronic digital signage kiosks, all designed in a sleek, user friendly way, with optional extras like a touch screen which is very handy for way-finding around a building or campus. There are also opportunities for advertisements to be included, which ad companies love as it makes money. We see adverts in many areas, from static poster billboards through to ad content on ATM machines, so this is no different. The size is chosen suitable to the location it is set in – a 6 foot high screen in portrait mode is more suitable for a shopping mall or airport lounge, whereas a 3 foot floor standing screen in a landscape format suits a way-finding and interactive board more easily.

digital signage kiosk

free standing LCD advertising display

Outdoor digital signage kiosk.

The external structure can either be stainless steel, which is extremely durable and easily cleaned, however a metal enclosure with a powder coated exterior can be colored to match a corporate image or to blend into the background.

But what about the glass panel? It is made from scratch resistant and highly serviceable clear material, which also has shatter proof qualities – it would crack under pressure, but still stay as a whole piece. This is for obvious health and safety reasons in such a public place.

Another question from prospective purchasers is about the connectivity: electric power supply is usually a lead from the floor, with options for using a USB or wireless internet connection. This is especially useful for hard to reach places and remote locations. It also diminishes the down time and need for an engineer to attend the site. Even though one design fits all, there are limitations for some models though, for example, the location a digital signage kiosk is to be fitted. Outdoor kiosks are designed to withstand weather damage from wind, rain and the sun, as they have a sun bright screen to counteract against the suns glare on a bright day. This is also a feature which may be useful for an indoor electronic kiosk too.

If you have a project where a digital signage kiosk will be purchased for advertising or way-finding then call (0843) 2893717 or visit the website: lcdenclosure.co.uk for more information.


Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison


Safe guarding measures; including a television enclosure for prison

There’s no doubt about it, prison is not a place to be enjoyed, yet it is a reality which affects so many people. Whether it acts as a suitable punishment is questionable and what rights a convicted person should be entitled to are debatable.

Some parts of the daily life of a prisoner are seen as a ‘human right’ and to be respected; food, accommodation, exercise and education (therapy, social, and learning), but what about the luxuries, which even some people in or own society have no access to? A warm room, hot meal and bathroom facilities, let alone the luxury of watching television!

OK, so a television in a prison can be seen as a fundamental part of an inmates life: from education and entertainment through to a luxury during their enforced stay, but at what cost? Considering what television set, the budget and the facilities it offers are important, but NOT as important as protecting the TV set. There are people who would abuse the privilege, break the TV and even use it as a ligature point for self harm. This is one of the crucial elements within a prison which MUST be regarded with great caution. Preventative measures will have been put into place for other equipment, furniture and activities within the facility and the screen is just as important.

Self harm, particularly for prisoners comes in many forms; from ingesting a poison, overdosing on drugs (which seem readily available, according to news reports) creating a weapon from parts and also forming a noose looped around the TV screen or bracket. As this is usually ¾ of the way up a wall, it is the right height for a human to hang from. It is not only self harm which is a risk, but also a threat of injury, or even death, against another person: fellow inmate, member of staff or visitor. Mental health is often associated with prisons and therefore every eventuality needs to be checked out. Prevention is better than cure – just think of the implications for a death caused in prison.

Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison

Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison


There are many ‘enclosures’ on the market, but careful consideration is needed to meet the health and safety requirements of detention centres and jails. One particular model is made entirely out of plastic, which shatters with very little force – search for the video comparing this model with a far superior model constructed from steel. Is it really worth the risk of a life? Unfortunately a shard of glass, from the TV screen or from this particular plastic enclosure, can be used as a weapon for self harm or against someone else.

Everyone; staff or detainee, has the right to be in a safe environment and an enclosure from lcdtvenclosure.co.uk will provide a high level of protection.

Calling +44 (0) 843 2893717, or visiting the website, is a wise investment against having to replace a smashed TV set, by including a television enclosure for prison.


Opening Up the World of Free Standing LCD Advertising Display

Convenient and free standing LCD advertising display

Kiosks or free standing LCD advertising screens provide a contemporary way of promoting a business, product or service. Commonly found on pavements outside fast food restaurants or retail outlets, they give digital out of home advertising, where more traditional forms of advertising are not suitable. Hanging an electronic screen in the shop window or paper posters on a sandwich board are seen as old fashioned, blow over in the wind or obscure the window display for advertising other products. Even though these LCD screens are smaller and neater, with narrower bevel edges, they can still be quite heavy and without suitable wall mountings can damage the wall or fall. Whereas floor standing kiosks take up very little foot print space, which can be a major limitation – planning permission will usually be required for street furniture or if the building is listed or in a restricted area.

The visual presence they provide is invaluable – no printed literature can present merchandise to the same extent and even sales staff on the shop floor can not demonstrate such information. They are adaptable, with the options of passive or touch screen, in portrait or landscape views and are uploaded with content directly via the internet or USB. Depending on your requirements, most screens come equipped with Intel and Windows and can be designed in the company livery colours and logos. They also have LAN network connectors, USB ports and HDMI inputs.

free standing LCD advertising display

free standing LCD advertising display

As the screens are usually located outside, they will have an IP65 rating – protected from total dust ingress and protected from low pressure water jets from any direction (information from: http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/). This is particularly suitable for our British climate!

Not only retail windows benefit from free standing LCD advertising displays, but receptions, show rooms and car dealerships too. When choosing a kiosk think about:

  • The location – instillation and laying the power cables under the surface ie. carpet, tiles, flag stones

  • Where is the sun most of the day? Will it obscure the images on the screen? A window blind can over come this issue, but there are screens on the market which are particular sun-bright screens with anti reflective properties.

  • The size of the screen – and therefore the total height of the floor standing kiosks – is your product aimed at 6 foot men? Typically a screen would be 50” and 55” in portrait view.

Whilst there are many well known brands to trust, for a more economical option some of the lesser known brands still offer a compatible free standing LCD advertising display. Usually it is a question of budget which determines which screen to purchase.


For a cost effective solution, giving you all the options on a free standing LCD advertising display, from an experienced team, call lcdenclosure.co.uk on +44 (0) 843 2893717


Looking for Piece of Mind When Installing Mental Health TV Enclosures?

Reassuring health and safety requirements provided by mental health TV enclosures.

How installing televisions, complete with specific mental health TV enclosures, provides the safety and practicality you would expect from the worlds leading manufacturer and provider of TV enclosures.

Mental health facilities are not the prisons of dated Victorian Britain – they are places are refuge, help, solace and where patients can be assured of safety. Something so taken for granted, such as a television set, is a very high risk for accidents, injuries and suicides. Television is an integral part of our everyday lives, for many reasons: educational, news and entertainment and as the format of broadcasting changes, so do screens and their sizes – flat screen LCD, LED and plasma TV’s have replaced the old CRT (cathode ray tube – remember when you knew your parents TV was dying?, yes, the picture was turning green, as the tube needed replacing…) There’s none of that now, in our society of ‘use it and throw it away’, we have no conscience about making a repair – one reason being out of our control, as parts are not available to replace.

But just how dangerous can a TV be? Mental health TV enclosures are designed to contain a television, without interfering with the visual or sound quality. A TV set, even a small one can be lethal if thrown at a person or a shard of glass is a deadly as a razor. Mental health can take on many guises, including anger, violence, physical and explosive outbursts. Then there is the hazard of the cable, essentially used as a ligature for self harm, as can the internal wiring and electrical parts, which can be swallowed for deliberate injury.

Prevention is better than cure: for the additional cost effective price of mental health TV enclosures, the pressure is off and gives piece of mind to the staff and management of the facility. There is no unauthorised access to the TV set, as the only way in is via the specialist locks – not the standard locks fitted to similar, but sub-standard enclosures. Each ProEncltd.com enclosure is designed to withstand a great amount of force being applied to it – including the steel body and the polycarbonate window (acrylic and glass shatters). This can be seen in the following video, which demonstrates the impact on an inferior plastic enclosure.

mental health TV enclosures

If it is looked at as an investment to protect a television, then the outlay can be justified – not only will it protect the television, patients and staff, but also diminish faults and damage to the set; reducing downtime to a minimum, as there will be no repairs or replacement needed.

For the best advice and pricing on mental health TV enclosures, contact lcdenclosure.co.uk, who are specified by mental health facilities, prisons, and detention centres on +44 (0) 843 2893717


Marketing Suite Digital Signage

So, what is marketing suite digital signage and how will it benefit my business? This is a natural progression of standard, even seen as old fashioned, marketing strategies – paper posters, billboards and leaflets are replaced by electronic, interactive and even touch screen technology. Marketing suite digital signage is usually found in businesses like, home and office developments, temporary education facilities and exhibition centres.

Marketing suite digital signage including:

off plan sales – replicating a true likeness of an interior
ideal location – located in a place which suites you, the client
latest technology – up to the minute digital screens, with updates and support
way-finding – guide visitors around the site, pointing out facts and interests
interactive screens – empower the visitor to be in control, whilst influencing them in a direction

marketing suite digital signage

London digital signage – indoor application.

Promoting a product and creating a sales pitch; image is everything. So making a memorable first impression is crucial for a sale – potential buyers are influenced by the layout, colour scheme and impressive facilities. As far as advertising is concerned technology offers so much more than traditional forms. Getting the right message across to your target audience really matters. Finding a medium for exhibiting the choice and quality of your product can be difficult to portray in a memorable way, especially if the product or new home is still in the planning stages; without an actual product/place to see. Already you are looking for a RoI – return on investment, to progress to the next stage and that is where this state-of-the-art digital signage marketing suite comes into play. Whether you have a permanent building or a temporary facility to display your products, digital signage is an priceless asset which will make your product stand out from the crowd.

How big is a marketing suite?

A digital signage marketing suite can be any size, from a single stand-alone electronic sign to a tiled video wall, acting as a backdrop; setting the scene. The way in which marketing suite signs can be deployed include;

  • Interior room images and mock-ups
  • technical specifications and data sheets
  • way-finding around a facility. ie. housing development
  • screens showing various angles of the product or room
  • highlighting smaller or larger details via a zoom facility
  • touch-screen technology, so the customer can access certain areas of the advertisement
  • tailor-made dynamic content with engaging graphics and imagery to draw in clients…

Formulating an inspiring environment, to influence sales, means utilising all the a la mode technology for virtual tours and video demonstrations.

Marketing suite digital signage can be as temporary or permanent as suits your application. The screens are mounted or fixed in position in much the same way, in either case; because of health and safety requirements, damage and theft issues of the electronic hardware. A key benefit of this kind of advertising, is that a mock-up set, or simulation can be created well before the actual building or product is constructed, giving opportunity to start the marketing campaign as a virtual concept.

For your marketing suite digital signage solutions contact ProEnc or visit http://www.lcdenclosure.co.uk




ProEnc anti ligature TV cabinet for challenging environment furniture

ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV cabinet.

ProEnc Ltd manufacture anti ligature TV cabinets for the NHS Trusts across the UK, this is due to the robust nature of the housing. ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinet is the only one in the industry fitted with high security locks and a sound bar for audio to exit the housing.

Why ProEnc?

In 2009 the directors of ProEnc worked extensively with the UK and US mental health department to design and manufacture an enclosure that would address all the issues that arise in challenging environments. Their design was the first to be approved by both UK and USA mental health departments, as all the issues in a psychiatric unit or detention centre had been addressed. They went through what was the most cost effective material from MDF to steel.

The mental health board found that MDF was easily damaged by patients, as they pick at the top coating and pour fluid onto the raw board causing it to split and to be unusable. Thus sheet steel was the ideal solution.

Their enclosures ensure:

• No cables are accessible.
• Each unit is fitted with high security locks
• A fixed or tiltable VESA bracket is included as standard
• Thermostatic cooling system
• 10mm thick viewing window – virtually unbreakable
• Steel construction
• 4 sloping sides – no material can be looped around the housing

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinet solutions.

ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV cabinet have been deployed in UK border agencies, psychiatric hospitals and prisons across the UK, Europe, Australia and America.

TV cabinet sizes.

The sizes range as follows:

  • NL26 for televisions 17” to 26”
  • NL36 for televisions 27” to 36”
  • NL46 for televisions 37” to 46”
  • NL55 for televisions 47” to 55”
  • NL65 for televisions 56” to 65”

As you can see from the standard specification, the enclosures are well thought out.

anti ligature tv cabinet
Why ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV cabinet?

Well apart from their pedigree of manufacturing quality steel enclosures, check out the videos blow to see how robust ProEnc TV cabinets are.

For more information on ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinets call +44 (0) 843 2893717.



Digital Signage: A Breakthrough for Estate Agent Advertising


How Estate Agents are Embracing Digital Signage

Who hasn’t seen digital signage in the high street? It’s hard not to see it, but other businesses apart from retail and food outlets are investing in screens as a contemporary form of advertising.

There are so many benefits to using digital signage – lets look at a few to dispel any myths or uncertainties and encourage businesses that this is the way forward. Not only does it give the edge over competitors, it shows a committed, professional and forward-thinking company who oozes confidence and success.

digital signage

Digital Signage – Estate Agent Fail!

  • Consider the ongoing cost of printing – prices are increasing all the time and of course there is the waiting time, proofs to read and approve and mistakes can be expensive! Compared to the content being uploaded to a screen, where alterations and additions are made in real-time and you are in full control.

  • Catching the eye of a prospective customer is crucial to making that sale – by using digital signage it’s easier to entice customers by the clear screen, with bright colours, HD and even a touch screen.

  • People are attracted to screens and moving images; we watch TV and use computers all the time, this is just another form of a screen.

  • Make your digital signage work for you. Not only by broadcasting your promotions but also by generating income from associates, neighbouring businesses and local trades; an add-on to selling a house, now clients have access to plumbers, electricians, solicitors, etc.

  • Interact with your customers through media. When all the office staff are already dealing with customers, let the screens ‘entertain’, by displaying your current houses, adverts and even the news and weather. This is also know as ‘time warping’ – designed to keep customers on your premises. Look at it as another employee (but without the expected benefits of sick and holiday pay).

  • These state-of-the-art screens give the impression of a professional business and not only look attractive but are also informative, entertaining and create an individual and unique office layout. Most screens will be sun-bright readable, so they can be seen in bright sunlight or light bulbs conditions, where the image would be distorted – but do check when considering a digital screen.

  • You are in-touch with your customers, even without speaking to them, as digital signage has already broken the ice and introduced them to your portfolio. Marketing this way displays an effective communication between employee and customer.

  • The versatility of a digital signage screen allows many options of advertising and displaying relevant information – you can add anything, from twitter feeds, photographs and even a news channel – you are in full control and you don’t have to be a computer geek, most screens are plug and play.

For expert and experienced advice call +44 (0) 843 2893717 or contact us through the website lcdenclosure.co.uk


So why have your competitors, already using digital signage, got the upper hand? They are ahead of you…


Capture More Business Using Floor Standing Digital Signage

How floor standing digital signage can attract more customers

Whether your trade is in the food industry, clothing retail or entertainment business, a floor standing digital signage will draw in more customers than the traditional methods of advertising. It’s just a matter of acquiring the right signage for the job. How big? With sound? Indoors or outdoors? Security? Access and power/internet supply?…

There have been some phenomenal fails too! Look at these photos of how NOT to use digital signage – from poor visibility due to sunlight or light bulbs, to installing expensive hardware and not using it properly.

Floor Standing Digital Signage

Floor Standing Digital Signage Fails!

floor standing digital signage

One of the extra benefits, to promoting a product, is to enhance the customers’ shopping experience, by including clever content graphics and appropriate messages. This is also known as time warping – passing time quickly for customers waiting in a queue. It increases brand awareness by repeatedly displaying the logo or product, therefore increasing potential sales, which at the end of the day is what marketing is all about.

Another factor to consider is the set-up. When sourcing a floor standing digital sign, decide whether the content is going to be uploaded to individual screens or across a network. Generally this kind of kiosk digital signage is a ‘plug and play’ system, where updates are displayed in an instant – even through a network worldwide. Imagine a well known fast food outlet launching a promotion; every outlet from Hong Kong to Iceland (every everywhere in between) is simultaneously formatted at the touch of a button. Some floor standing digital signs are inaccessible once on place, so the only way to run the content is via the internet. No engineer needs to call onto site as it can be fixed, updated and monitored from a remote data centre.

As you may expect, the screens – most suitably in 50” or 55”, have full HD 1080p flat panel display. With sun-bright readable screens which compensates for the glare of the sunlight or from artificial lighting. They are impact resistant and have safety glass making them ideal for public areas. There are specific floor standing digital signs for outdoors, however they are constructed for use all year through. And because of the engineering in construction, they are dust and moisture free. Maybe a landscape configuration works better for you? This is no problem as they can be ordered in either portrait or landscape kiosks and with the option to have touch screen, it makes sense to have the screen height and position accessible to the public.

Call +44 (0) 843 2893717

to speak to our experienced team, who will guide you through the process and help your business grow through digital marketing


visit the website: lcdenclosure.co.uk

There are many more features and add-ons for floor standing digital signage kiosks, including: speakers, a card reader, WiFi points, proximity sensors and a receipt printer.


Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Psych Patients

Installing a mental health TV enclosure to keep patients from self harming.

On admittance to a psychiatric facility, a patient can be assured of the best of care by the authorities, who have their welfare as a priority and a duty of care to keep them safe from harm, include a healthy regime of diet and exercise and also for mental stimulation – quite often by watching television. But to reduce the chances of self harm, an anti ligature TV enclosure is a necessity rather than a luxury.

By far, the greatest risk to psychiatric patients is self harm and suicidal tendencies – a large quotient of patients enter the mental health system both under the NHS and private sector, with variable symptoms of mental illness, which take time to assess, investigate and treat. Pressures on NHS funding and a shortage of medical staff limit healthcare provisions. However, by creating a safe environment for everyone, reduces the chances of self harm, suicide and violent episodes. There is a great range of anti ligature furniture and furnishings, including an anti ligature TV enclosure which will protect against possible suicide incidents.

Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Pysch Patients

Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Psych Patients


There are several reasons for installing a mental health TV enclosure:

  • Firstly, to protect the television set from being vandalised and the broken screen used as a weapon or tools made from internal parts

  • Secondly, protecting the patient from self harming – glass poses a big risk of mutilation

  • Thirdly, preventing a psych patient from utilising a wall mounted TV as a ligature point. An anti ligature TV enclosure is specifically designed to stop material being looped around the set creating a strangulation point.

These mental health TV enclosures are suitable for installing in all areas of the building and not just in mental health facilities, but also in prisons, refuges and places of safety for vulnerable people. Comfort rooms and communal areas are just as exposed as TVs fitted in private areas, like bedrooms. Where patients can not be watched every hour, protecting the television is a safe and sensible solution at a cost effective price. Be aware of inferior products – there are similar enclosures on the market and found via Google, but these are definitely substandard and do not withstand our rigorous product testing for safety. Most makes and brands of television can be fitted into an enclosure – it is just a case of purchasing the right screen size. Screen size is measured on the diagonal.

For expert guidance; from an experienced company offering the complete package from design, manufacture and supply, contact lcdenclosure.co.uk via the website

or call +44 (0) 843 2893717

We take ‘Duty of Care’ very seriously, particularly for vulnerable people and installing a mental health TV enclosure in any location is of foremost importance – giving freedom without compromising safety.


Anti Ligature TV Enclosures – Safety First

Safety first for mental health patients with an anti ligature TV enclosures

Anti Ligature TV Enclosures

Anti Ligature TV Enclosures


Current health and safety legislation, particularly in the mental health sector, focuses on many issues of anti ligature (also referred to as non-loop) furniture and primarily the television. TV has become a way of life and almost seen as a ‘human right’ and a basic human need, however it is considered a low priority in the grand scheme of things – human life and the ethics of preserving life are far more important. On the other hand, television does have a part to play as it provides an informative, educational and entertainment value. The ultimate decision is down to the governor and committee of the institution, but is generally accepted that a TV set has a place in a mental health facility.

However, the serious issue of self harm must be considered when a patient is in a vulnerable state of mind. Assessments and procedures are part of the duty of care expected, so furniture and furnishings have to be versatile and adaptable to be suitable for psychiatric wards. Avoiding situations where patients can a hurt themselves, yet without physical restraint is preferable. One common area where anti-ligature points are easily accessible are TV sets. This is where material can be looped around a TV wall bracket and cause asphyxiation. The most sensible answer is to enclose the screen with an anti ligature TV enclosure. Whilst every precaution is taken to protect patients from self harm – or harm by others, individuals can not be watched the whole time. A shard of broken glass from a TV screen can also cause self injury or be used as a weapon towards others.

In Scotland, 50 hospital patients in just the last 4 years, have taken their own lives through suicide via various ways – not just hanging from a wall mounted TV. Many of these instances could have been avoided, even though risk assessments were carried out points are missed and follow up action not followed through when potential ligature points are identified. Anti ligature TV enclosures will solve many of the problems, whilst allowing the patients to watch television with dignity. Whether in a community room or a solitary room, television screens are commonly found and should be enclosed for every ones safety. One of the worst culprits for creating a loop is material, like bedding. Sheets can be ripped into strips and are strong enough to take the weight of an adult. Wall mounted televisions are practical but MUST be enclosed in a steel TV housing unit.

Putting to one side the concern of hanging, televisions not securely fixed to a surface are a potential hazard; a smashed screen or hurling the set across a room is enough danger and avoidable.

Contact lcdenclosure.co.uk for the most informative advice and experience for anti ligature TV enclosures, when planning a new or refurbishment facility.

UK enquiries +44 (0) 843 289 3717

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