Marketing Suite Digital Signage

So, what is marketing suite digital signage and how will it benefit my business? This is a natural progression of standard, even seen as old fashioned, marketing strategies – paper posters, billboards and leaflets are replaced by electronic, interactive and even touch screen technology. Marketing suite digital signage is usually found in businesses like, home and office developments, temporary education facilities and exhibition centres.

Marketing suite digital signage including:

off plan sales – replicating a true likeness of an interior
ideal location – located in a place which suites you, the client
latest technology – up to the minute digital screens, with updates and support
way-finding – guide visitors around the site, pointing out facts and interests
interactive screens – empower the visitor to be in control, whilst influencing them in a direction

marketing suite digital signage

London digital signage – indoor application.

Promoting a product and creating a sales pitch; image is everything. So making a memorable first impression is crucial for a sale – potential buyers are influenced by the layout, colour scheme and impressive facilities. As far as advertising is concerned technology offers so much more than traditional forms. Getting the right message across to your target audience really matters. Finding a medium for exhibiting the choice and quality of your product can be difficult to portray in a memorable way, especially if the product or new home is still in the planning stages; without an actual product/place to see. Already you are looking for a RoI – return on investment, to progress to the next stage and that is where this state-of-the-art digital signage marketing suite comes into play. Whether you have a permanent building or a temporary facility to display your products, digital signage is an priceless asset which will make your product stand out from the crowd.

How big is a marketing suite?

A digital signage marketing suite can be any size, from a single stand-alone electronic sign to a tiled video wall, acting as a backdrop; setting the scene. The way in which marketing suite signs can be deployed include;

  • Interior room images and mock-ups
  • technical specifications and data sheets
  • way-finding around a facility. ie. housing development
  • screens showing various angles of the product or room
  • highlighting smaller or larger details via a zoom facility
  • touch-screen technology, so the customer can access certain areas of the advertisement
  • tailor-made dynamic content with engaging graphics and imagery to draw in clients…

Formulating an inspiring environment, to influence sales, means utilising all the a la mode technology for virtual tours and video demonstrations.

Marketing suite digital signage can be as temporary or permanent as suits your application. The screens are mounted or fixed in position in much the same way, in either case; because of health and safety requirements, damage and theft issues of the electronic hardware. A key benefit of this kind of advertising, is that a mock-up set, or simulation can be created well before the actual building or product is constructed, giving opportunity to start the marketing campaign as a virtual concept.

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