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Looking for Piece of Mind When Installing Mental Health TV Enclosures?

Reassuring health and safety requirements provided by mental health TV enclosures. How installing televisions, complete with specific mental health TV enclosures, provides the safety and practicality you would expect from the worlds leading manufacturer and provider of TV enclosures. Mental health facilities are not the prisons of dated Victorian Britain – they are places are […]


Anti Ligature TV Enclosures – Safety First

Safety first for mental health patients with an anti ligature TV enclosures Current health and safety legislation, particularly in the mental health sector, focuses on many issues of anti ligature (also referred to as non-loop) furniture and primarily the television. TV has become a way of life and almost seen as a ‘human right’ and […]


Cost Effective external TV Enclosures for Gardens and Pubs

You can still enjoy a TV outdoors with external TV enclosures Although the climate is changeable, it is possible to install external TV enclosures to extend the summer season as it cools down. Your guests and patrons of the pub will thank you for offering them access to the sports channels as they enjoy a […]


Protecting TV Monitors in Manufacturing Facilities

Protecting TV monitors in manufacturing facilities Industrial TV monitors can be used for many manufacturing applications; automation, server control, CCTV monitoring, production and data collection and some specialized units are suitable for use in more extreme environments like food processing plants, ships and for outdoor digital signage, however to achieve the optimum performance, protecting TV […]


Flat screen TV Enclosure Protects Backyard TVs.

A flat screen TV enclosure can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors. There are several benefits for the use of this kind of enclosure.


How To Select The Correct Anti Ligature LCD enclosure

There are many anomalies when organizations need to deploy anti ligature LCD enclosures as there are several manufacturers of so called anti ligature LCD enclosures however these are not fit for purpose.


Uses for Portrait Flat Panel Enclosures in Outdoor Advertising

Many companies are using portrait flat panel enclosures for the protection of the digital signs that are used in advertising.


Sloping top LCD TV enclosure for Detention Centers

A sloping top LCD TV enclosure is one of the best methods in which the protection of the inmates of a detention centre can be assured.


Sloping Top LCD Enclosures for Detention Center Use

The sloping top LCD enclosure is a very popular and practical design that is used in many facilities including psychiatric units and detention centers.


Indoor flat screen shield for maximum protection

Indoor flat panel screens need protecting from every day hazards and using a flat screen shield it is one way of protecting the hardware.

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