Cost Effective external TV Enclosures for Gardens and Pubs

You can still enjoy a TV outdoors with external TV enclosures

Although the climate is changeable, it is possible to install external TV enclosures to extend the summer season as it cools down. Your guests and patrons of the pub will thank you for offering them access to the sports channels as they enjoy a beverage or two from your home or public house. Mounting external TV enclosures onto an outside wall is a straightforward process, as the steel enclosure or housing unit, has the necessary holes for you to connect with the wall. Anti tamper bolts are easily purchased from a hardware store as an additional security measure. An outdoor TV enclosure will protect against the elements of wind, rain or the cold (or if you are lucky enough the summer heat!)

External TV Enclosures

External TV enclosures for gardens and pubs

Outdoor TV protectors aka external TV enclosures

One of the key roles for external TV enclosures is the security aspect, where the screen is protected from damage. The TV protector can either be made from poly-carbonate or toughened safety glass; it just depends on your environment. Glass is not a suitable material for manufacturing food preparation areas or in cases of a detention center, as any shards can be used as a weapon. The poly-carbonate viewing window is an excellent alternative as it is virtually scratch proof; and the image beneath can be easily seen despite being positioned in direct sunlight. An external LCD enclosure is a suitable way of safe guarding your investment.

External LCD enclosure UK made

Buying British is important to the economy, so buying an external LCD enclosure UK made in Cambridge by DOOH Ltd, is the cost effective solution for your outside patio and garden areas.

Other benefits of external TV enclosures;

A waterproof TV cabinet: – protecting against rain or even snow, where moisture can damage the delicate internal workings.
Security:- protection against theft and willful damage. There’s always someone who will attempt to take something they want that doesn’t belong to them and although you may be insured for another TV, there is only so many times your insurance will pay out. Contents insurance companies will be likely to offer you a more competitive quote if the television is securely locked away.

Outdoor LCD advertising using external TV enclosures

An additional benefit of outdoor LCD advertising (lithium crystal display screen) is that you can ‘sell’ or ‘rent’ advertising space to generate additional income, which can be offset against the initial outlay of the hardware. A TV enclosure works in a similar way, as the channels of the television housed within it, broadcast commercials advertising many products, services and goods. Every marketing strategy is used to persuade you to buy the product. Again, the external TV enclosures UK made in Cambridge, can be shipped world wide with many customers in the United States of America, Canada, Dubai, Europe and Australia.

DOOH UK Ltd, are world leaders in supplying external TV enclosures for the clients requirements and will be happy to advise you.

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