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Digital Signage Fail

With the use of digital advertising, we are seeing more digital signage fails, take a minute and have a laugh.


Digital Out Of Home Sci-fi Invades the UK!

What a sight to behold…as aliens, a giant sewer octopus and robots cause havoc around the streets of the capital! All in aid of promoting a well known brand of cola.  A specialist firm of digital out-of-home technology and a visual production company created the imagery across the London skyline. Very clever digital signage content brought to life […]


Buy, Play and Go Digital Signage Media

Winners of The Digital Screenmedia Association were recently acknowledged at its 2014 DSA Industry Excellence Awards, which gave credit to the best businesses in digital signage, mobile advertising and interactive kiosk technology; utilized through all vertical market sectors. These awards embraced a wide range of media products, from digital signage screens and kiosks in a shopping centre to a digital […]


Opening A World of Possiblities in Digital Signge with Interactive Technology

We are familiar with the smart phone, but imagine where we would be without it – almost unthinkable! Which appeals most; apps or the interactive swipe screen? Within this white paper synergistic products are reviewed, so together with your smart phone, you’ll be right on trend. The plan is to integrate this thinking into the […]


How to Utilize New Digital Signage Technologies

March 25 is a date to put in your diaries as digital signage provider Omnivex Corp present a one-hour webinar, which is free to access, entitled; ‘Emerging Digital Signage Technologies: Breaking Through the Hype’. It will look at sections of popular digital signage, including it’s rapid growth and how it is evolving. In order to […]


Digital Signage Players Installed at Family Dentist

A multi-speciality dental practice in California, working mainly with children, has introduced the Videotel Inc. HD2600 digital media player to provide informative and educational advice to parents, whilst displaying the content in an engaging and entertaining format which attracts young children in the ways of good dental health. The media player content is displayed via […]


Outdoor Digital Signage Trends For 2014

Digital signage has split into 2 sectors, indoor and outdoor digital signage and since 2012 we have seen a dramatic growth for outdoor digital signage solutions, learn what is available to engage people in digital advertising campaigns outdoors.


Outdoor 19” Rackmount cabinet for AV and Digital Signage

Anyone not sure what an outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet is, will be confused with all the terminology, such as U measurements and the like, so let us try to explain it better and easier.

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