Outdoor 19” Rackmount cabinet for AV and Digital Signage

Outdoor 19″ rackmount cabinet.

Anyone not sure what a 19” rackmount cabinet is, will be confused with all the terminology, such as U measurements and the like, so let us try to explain it better and easier.

Outdoor data cabinets.

In most audio visual or digital signage installation the hardware that is networked has to be mounted in some type of cabinet, in most cases this is a 19” rackmount cabinet, the hardware is mounted from the internal mounting posts and the hardware is cooled with internal fan trays.

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An outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet – myths.

Many think that the front of the cabinet is 19”, wrong, the dimension of 19” is to the centres of the square punch outs in the front mounting rail.

Why is a 19” rackmount cabinet measured in “U”, well it is thought that U equals unit and each U is 1 3/4” of 44.45mm high, originally manufactured for data centres to store the hubs, and rackmount servers, these data cabinets are rather sophisticated as they can be co-locate so a single cabinet can be split so it can be used with 3 or 4 different businesses, without having the extra expense of a ¾ empty data cabinet. Each section is locked independently and access to other sections is restricted.

Lower cost solutions are fitted with just front mounting posts, these are ideal for light weight hardware as the hardware has to be positioned on modem shelves, either 1 or 2 U high. Ensure that side panels are removable otherwise installation could be difficult.

The better 19” rackmount cabinets are fitted with both front and rear mounting rails, this allows heavy equipment to be mounted from fixed internal shelves, either fixed or telescopic, to suit the application.

An outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet is designed to withstand everything mother nature can through at them, they are designed to be washed down with high pressure water jets to simulate rain showers.

Applications for an outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet.

A client may wish to deploy outdoor digital signage using a high lumen projector, the ideal solution is to run both power and data feeds tot he roof of the building where the outdoor projector enclosure is located, then the hardware such as the media player can be housed inside the rackmount cabinet in total security from theft and the weather.

With over 4 years experience supplying data cabinets to the industry, DOOH LTD know a thing a two about outdoor installations, we also supply ETSI cabinets.

Outdoor 19” rackmount cabinet work well with an outdoor projector enclosure, as all the hardware is protected, for more details check out www.lcdenclosure.co.uk 

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