Outdoor Digital Signage Trends For 2014

What’s in order for outdoor digital signage?

Digital signage has split into 2 sectors, indoor and outdoor digital signage and since 2012 we have seen a dramatic growth for outdoor digital signage solutions, learn what is available to engage people in digital advertising campaigns outdoors.

More and more organizations are deploying digital advertising hardware in outdoor locations, to capture the large footfall in these areas, but controlling the investment is key as is managing the project to ensure it comes in on time and on budget. So let us look at what options you can consider.

Outdoor digital signage totem.

outdoor digital signage


These outdoor digital signage units consist of a high bright screen up to 2,500 nits and a network enabled advertisement player, in the upper section with the stand that conceals unsightly cables and is bolted to the floor. The display is usually in a portrait position.
The protective upper housing for the electronics proves the essential security and the protection for seasonal and unseasonal weather! The best solutions have the option of air conditioning for extreme high running temperatures.


Typically, a digital signage totem has an AV display with a minimum screen size of 42″ up to a giant 80″. These are typically seen as QSR’s and used for displaying menus at Quick Serve Restaurants.

Outdoor advertising kiosk

An outdoor digital signage kiosk is a single unit that is bolted to the floor, rather than in 2 sections. The benefits are that the complete solution can be finished in either custom colors or even a custom vinyl wrap to replicate the client’s brand that is being advertised.
These are usually single sided, meaning that the high bright display is at the front and at the rear an additional light box is fitted to display a printed promotion for double impact – if required. Alternatively the light box can be omitted and the unit supplied with just a daylight bright display.

outdoor advertising kiosk

Content is streamed through the internet connection into the onboard networked media player and is perfect for an open shopping mall, as the advertisements will update simultaneously and can be controlled remotely, enabling restaurants within the mall to promote their services using day parting. This is an opportunity for the Mall’s management to create a recurring income stream.

Dual-sided outdoor digital signage.

Dual sided outdoor kiosks are the same as an outdoor kiosk, however it has 2 screens back to back and these are used in extremely high footprint areas such as open train stations and shopping malls.

In some instances, one side is used for wayfinding and the side is used for promoting local businesses, offers or increasing brand awareness.

Now deciding which to use, is down to you, your project and of course the budget.

DOOH Limited have a vast experience with outdoor digital signage, having created a multi-use outdoor kiosk for the London 2012 Olympics and since then, they have created custom units for many installers.  If you would like to know more, contact them through their website or visit www.lcdenclosure.co.uk

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