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Safeguarding From Harm by Installing a Television Enclosure for Prison

Who pays for a television enclosure for prison? How much does it cost for a television enclosure for prison? For the UK tax payer, is costs millions of pounds, but what is the alternative? Obviously one solution is to not have any television screens for the prisoners, but doesn’t that go against their human rights? […]


Reducing the Costs; Use Digital Signage Hire Companies

Try before you buy with digital signage hire companies Scouring the internet, you will find many digital signage hire companies who can offer a solution to your temporary requirement of installing a floor standing signage kiosks.  The range of electronic signage products includes large format display screens, seamless walls, projector screen video walls, touch kiosks […]


How to Create a Floor Standing Display for Digital Posters

Imaginative floor standing display for digital posters Electronic advertising, which includes a floor standing display for digital posters, is usually seen as a low cost way of advertising towards a large target audience; and it can reach a big scale market but the return on your investment (RoI) for installing such screens is an important […]


Cost Effective external TV Enclosures for Gardens and Pubs

You can still enjoy a TV outdoors with external TV enclosures Although the climate is changeable, it is possible to install external TV enclosures to extend the summer season as it cools down. Your guests and patrons of the pub will thank you for offering them access to the sports channels as they enjoy a […]


Cost Effective Digital Signage Hire Companies

Cost Effective Digital Signage Hire Companies Digital signage hire companies are springing up all over the country; indeed the world, as advertising and marketing companies are realizing digital or electronic advertising is where the money is. Response has always been good for the traditional forms of static paper or poster advertising, otherwise it wouldn’t have […]

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