Reducing the Costs; Use Digital Signage Hire Companies

Try before you buy with digital signage hire companies

Scouring the internet, you will find many digital signage hire companies who can offer a solution to your temporary requirement of installing a floor standing signage kiosks.  The range of electronic signage products includes large format display screens, seamless walls, projector screen video walls, touch kiosks and stand-a-lone free standing branding solutions.


The uncomplicated software programme for digital signage immediately changes the content, information, data or image input and it allows you to synchronise the screens – virtually anywhere in the world!  Any screen size can be accommodated with the content formatted to suit the application.  Any messages or advertisements can be scheduled to scroll along the bottom of the screen whilst it is broadcasting a major ad. campaign or feature.  This can also include welcome messages, weather reports or other video feeds.


Contact a Project Manager from professional digital signage hire companies

Minimal training or experience will still result in a super display, as the digital signage hire companies will guide you through the process.  This is where you can use an imaginative and creative content to fully expose your product or service.  Maintenance of the hardware can be carried out on site, which is hassle-free and often performed remotely over a wireless internet connection.  The first port of call is contacting a Project manager, from DOOH Ltd, who will discuss with you your requirements, aim for the promotion and offer the latest technology for your display, convention or event.

digital signage hire companies

digital signage hire companies

A floor standing kiosk can be manipulated to broadcast an uninterrupted video wall in a 3×3 configuration, which can be displayed a one image or separate ones.  A multi-touch wall  has the ability to offer an interactive touch screen option, where customers or clients can access information for themselves.  It also has the benefit of displaying live video feeds, scheduled content, interviews and infomercials.  An additional option is for the totem or floor standing signage kiosk to be custom branded, with vinyl stickers to advertise and because of the size and ingenuity, it will be seen over a wide area.


DOOH Ltd can offer their customers a range of digital signage totems, which are cost effective branded screens – up to 55”.  The totem screens can be dual sided which makes them adaptable and versatile by displaying different messages at the same time, whilst leaving space for custom-branding advertisements.  Both formats of portrait or landscape can be planned for with stereo speakers in-built for audio.  One of the most popular digital signage solutions of the rental market is the 65” floor standing or wall mounted branded screen, which is a stand-a-lone unit and does not reply on any other hardware.  It is most suitable for up to the minute information, news, weather, emergency routes, and wayfinding.


Renting from digital signage hire companies

There are large format display digital signage screens available to rent, which go up to a 103” screen (measured diagonally). It broadcasts clear and energetic images in great detail and is not affected by bright or dark conditions, like sunlight or powerful room lighting.  These units are generally manufactured from stainless steel, which gives a scratch resistant protection, but also come in a black colour, which suits many environments.  A multi-touch overlay can provide an interactive touch screen option.  It has a slim appearance, yet is has a light-weight but is a fairly robust digital signage unit.


Whilst it is a significant investment to purchase the hardware outright, it is an exciting one and so to get a taste of how utilizing digital signage will promote and increase business to the max is one which should be considered very carefully.  Renting from digital signage hire companies, like DOOH Ltd, gives you the option to ‘try before you buy’; contact us for advice, current prices and promotions.

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