How to Create a Floor Standing Display for Digital Posters

Imaginative floor standing display for digital posters

Electronic advertising, which includes a floor standing display for digital posters, is usually seen as a low cost way of advertising towards a large target audience; and it can reach a big scale market but the return on your investment (RoI) for installing such screens is an important factor to consider.

Floor standing display for digital posters

Floor standing display for posters

The diverse world of floor standing display for digital posters

There are numerous diverse solutions for digital marketing too; from the simple computerized e-poster that hangs in the wall just like a portrait picture, to the more advanced vertical floor standing digital posters, sign displays, kiosks and totems.

Cost effective floor standing display for digital posters

The range of expense is just as broad too, with a few simple electronic digital signage screens costing a few hundred dollars to the multiple-1000 dollar electronic digital advertising screens seen in numerous retail centres and shopping outlets.

The best size for floor standing display for digital posters

Size can also be just as varied according to the price and budget. Modest digital food list boards or menu e-posters are just a couple inches in diameter in contrast to large 70″ displays which are generally seen in outdoor locations. Keeping to a budget, which takes into account the ad campaign, flexibility and logistical obstacles need not be a problem if you contact DOOH UK, who will assess your requirements and put together an attractive package for your digital signage project, and which will have a positive return of investment.

In deciding the sort of floor standing display for digital posters required for your campaign, you must assess particular aspects:

• Location – floor standing display for digital posters are one of the best options because they are robust, most models can be positioned outside and the screen can also be interactive.

• Operating technology – power supply, networked, wireless and media players are all elements of the bigger picture; how do you want your project to work?

• Exposure – the demographics of the target audience your product is aimed at; scheduling certain times of the day for maximum exposure.

Indoor and outdoor floor standing display for digital posters

There are actually two major differences in a floor standing display for digital posters that you need to keep in mind: indoors and outdoors. Outside digital signs require considerably more of a waterproof housing unit for protection. DOOH UK have the professional knowledge and experience to supply a floor standing display for digital posters which are designed to ensure they operate in all weathers.

Preventing damage to indoor floor standing display for digital posters

But even for indoor locations, protection is often a requirement. Think where the display will be sited and ask yourself what are the obvious risks to this electronic display? Temperature, accidental/wilful impacts or dust; all of which need to be catered for with the appropriate digital signage enclosure. Choosing the best location must take into account of every member of the public being able to see or use the screen; consider those people who are sat down, because they use a wheelchair, or have height issues, and it would be a complete waste of time and investment if the screen was hidden behind a pillar or if it was too high to be clearly seen. The answer may be to purchase a larger screen to alleviate these issues.

DOOH UK are specialists in the LCD enclosure industry helping to develop indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures and other floor standing display for digital posters.

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