Cost Effective Digital Signage Hire Companies

Cost Effective Digital Signage Hire Companies

Digital signage hire companies are springing up all over the country; indeed the world, as advertising and marketing companies are realizing digital or electronic advertising is where the money is. Response has always been good for the traditional forms of static paper or poster advertising, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted for so many years so with evolution advertising has developed and embraced the changes towards innovative and dynamic branding on a digital screen. Size, shape, orientation, position or content all have their place to play in an ad. campaign. Wall mounting a screen is one of the most logical applications to deliver a promotional display, as it is out of the way, yet accessible and an attractive feature within many environments. Recouping the cost of the outlay for the hardware is often off putting as an investment, so this is where digital signage hire plays a key part.

Digital signage hire companies

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How digital signage hire companies supply free standing branding – competition within the family

Standing out as the leading product takes a clever advertising campaign, where people; all potential customers can recognize the specific product a midst all others. Even though several products may be within one ‘family’ of manufacturers, it is important for the ad to show a unique aspect to raise the promotional product above all others – even one of their own. An example of this is a large well-known manufacturer of shampoo, which owns several brands of shampoo, but wants to advertise a particular brand in a campaign. Digital signage hire companies also deliver screens to exhibitions and trade fairs, where customers need a screen, but rather than buy one, they can rent one on a daily, weekly or monthly basis from digital signage hire companies.

Touch kiosk; an innovative gadget

Most digital signage hire companies will also offer a touch kiosk option – so be sure to ask for it. It is an engaging way of interacting with your customers and directing their awareness of the brand you are promoting, or possibly it is your own company. Exhibition sites and trade fairs are geared up for electronic gadgets including the floor standing signage kiosk, which is an alternative to a wall mounted digital poster. It just depends on your floor space and your budget, although it certainly is worth investing in, even on a temporary basis, as most clients are expecting to see digital signage. Do you want to be the last one offering printed leaflets and pinning up paper billboards?

Contact DOOH Ltd, who have a wealth of knowledge and will be able to guide you through the maze of cost effective digital signage hire companies.

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