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ProEnc’s Section 136 TV Enclosure

ProEnc’s section 136 TV enclosures are used in rooms that are used under section 136 of the mental health act and enforced by the police.


ProEnc’s Anti ligature TV Cabinet – the ultimate protection

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinets have been made since 2009 in the UK and exported all around the world, due to their superior build quality and being able to work straight out the box. Why use a ProEnc anti ligature TV cabinet? ProEnc Limited spent in total 18 months developing the suicide resistant TV enclosure […]


UK Prison Grade TV Enclosures From £199

ProEnc’s UK prison grade TV enclosure is now offered as a solution for £199, contact ProEnc today on 0843 2893717 to discuss your requirement today.


Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison

  Safe guarding measures; including a television enclosure for prison There’s no doubt about it, prison is not a place to be enjoyed, yet it is a reality which affects so many people. Whether it acts as a suitable punishment is questionable and what rights a convicted person should be entitled to are debatable. Some […]


Looking for Piece of Mind When Installing Mental Health TV Enclosures?

Reassuring health and safety requirements provided by mental health TV enclosures. How installing televisions, complete with specific mental health TV enclosures, provides the safety and practicality you would expect from the worlds leading manufacturer and provider of TV enclosures. Mental health facilities are not the prisons of dated Victorian Britain – they are places are […]


Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Psych Patients

Installing a mental health TV enclosure to keep patients from self harming. On admittance to a psychiatric facility, a patient can be assured of the best of care by the authorities, who have their welfare as a priority and a duty of care to keep them safe from harm, include a healthy regime of diet […]


Anti Ligature TV Enclosures – Safety First

Safety first for mental health patients with an anti ligature TV enclosures Current health and safety legislation, particularly in the mental health sector, focuses on many issues of anti ligature (also referred to as non-loop) furniture and primarily the television. TV has become a way of life and almost seen as a ‘human right’ and […]


Recessed TV enclosures for detention centres and psychiatric hospitals

ProEnc’s recessed TV enclosures are being deployed across the USA and Europe and is the only recessed TV enclosure that is made from steel and secured with high security locks.


Anti Ligature TV Enclosure For Jail Protection

Is allowing prisoners to have access to televisions is an acceptable right or a privilege? One thing is for sure; it will need an anti ligature TV protection housing unit to prevent any damage to the screen, hardware or indeed the detainee! There is no ‘never ending’ budget to keep replacing television screens due to abuse, so the sensible option is to protect it with a metal housing unit.


Safeguarding From Harm by Installing a Television Enclosure for Prison

Who pays for a television enclosure for prison? How much does it cost for a television enclosure for prison? For the UK tax payer, is costs millions of pounds, but what is the alternative? Obviously one solution is to not have any television screens for the prisoners, but doesn’t that go against their human rights? […]

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