Anti Ligature TV Enclosure For Jail Protection

Anti ligature TV enclosure for protection.

Is allowing prisoners to have access to televisions is an acceptable right or a privilege? One thing is for sure; it will need an anti ligature TV enclosure unit to prevent any damage to the screen, hardware or indeed the detainee! There is no ‘never ending’ budget to keep replacing television screens due to abuse, so the sensible option is to protect it with a metal housing unit.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a plastic or wooden enclosure will do a good job, because this is just false economy. Plastic can shatter, causing more problems and wood absorbs sound and looks terrible! Purchasing a specially designed, metal anti ligature TV enclosure will protect many aspects of a detention center.

The main concerns when installing a television are:

  • the safety of the detainees
  • the safety of staff
  • the safety of visitors
  • the protection of the screen for continual use

Why use an anti ligature TV enclosure?

One of the problems with an unprotected television screen is that the screen can be shattered and broken causing shards of glass to become lethal weapons, with which to threaten, stab or harm another person. It can also be a weapon for self inflicted injury – certainly one to be avoided at all costs. The particular design of the shape of the enclosure is such that no material can be looped around the housing unit to cause a hanging possibility (otherwise known as anti-ligature or non-loop enclosure).

anti ligature tv enclosure


For the safety of staff and visitors, the visual displays need to be inaccessible to inmates, as even the wiring of the power supply and digital channel cables are harmful as ligatures. Not only do the broken screens cause a physical injury risk, but they cause arguments and even riots as detainees can not watch a program and this causes unrest within the institution.

A digital screen (protected of course!) is also an excellent way of communicating throughout the establishment. It can display; a variety of times, courses, announcements, weather, meal menus, religious services, employment opportunities and social events. Basically anything and everything that is applicable to a prisoner or member of staff. Additionally, health and safety infomercials can be scheduled as reminders if the occasion arises. It can provide safety routes and emergency procedures at the click of a button – saving time and lives if necessary.

Whether a television screen is in a communal area, therapy or quiet room, indoors or outdoors or in a personal bedroom, the risks are the same and so the solution is the same; a steel non-loop or anti ligature TV enclosure unit is the answer, call +44 (0)844 3574902.

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