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Television enclosures for psych rooms – protecting patients and staff

Television enclosures for psych rooms There are many day to day necessities or even luxuries we take for granted in life, but there are basic needs for inmates or detainees too, so by installing television enclosures for psych rooms these people can still be included in society – unless in isolation or have privileges withdrawn for behavioral […]


Sloped top LCD TV Enclosures Are Demanded In Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities are installing sloped top LCD TV enclosures to defend the TVs in the prisoners cells, without protection the TV will certainly be damaged, this is when sloped top LCD TV enclosures come into their own.


How To Select The Correct Anti Ligature LCD enclosure

There are many anomalies when organizations need to deploy anti ligature LCD enclosures as there are several manufacturers of so called anti ligature LCD enclosures however these are not fit for purpose.


Sloping top LCD TV enclosure for Detention Centers

A sloping top LCD TV enclosure is one of the best methods in which the protection of the inmates of a detention centre can be assured.

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