ProEnc’s Anti ligature TV Cabinet – the ultimate protection

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinets have been made since 2009 in the UK and exported all around the world, due to their superior build quality and being able to work straight out the box.

Why use a ProEnc anti ligature TV cabinet?

anti ligature tv cabinet

ProEnc Limited spent in total 18 months developing the suicide resistant TV enclosure with guidance from the US Mental Health Department, the developed several prototypes until the solution was perfect – which took 6 prototypes and 18 months. Now ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinets are specified across the USA for new builds, extensions and refurbishments of existing mental health facilities.

ProEnc’s recent success in the UK and overseas.

ProEnc’s overseas success.

In May 2017 ProEnc undertook a project for 70 suicide resistant TV cabinets to Washington State Department for 1 hospital and in June supplied 26 anti ligature TV housings to Washington State Prisons.

ProEnc’s UK success.

Having supplied most of the UK NHS mental health hospitals in 2015 and 16, Proenc then started supplying their anti ligature TV cases to 3 UK prisons until mid July 2017, when they developed the most cost effective UK prison grade TV enclosure.

ProEnc enquiries have gone from 1 and 2 off’s to 50 and 100 off as a more regular requirement, currently they are working on project in Australia for 371 enclosures for the world’s largest new prison and 115 off for a new build ProEnc have been specified for in America.

What makes ProEnc’s anti ligature TV enclosures different?

They are made from welded steel construction, ensuring they have maximum strength; the standard NL range comes as standard with a VESA compatible TV bracket, internal thermostatic cooling, an audio bar, 2 high security locks and a virtually unbreakable viewing window.

So let’s look at each standard solution to get a true comparison against the competitors.

Welded steel construction – this ensures each enclosure has maximum strength and will last for the warranty period of 7 years. Now compare the strength of steel and MDF. MDF is a basically sawdust glued together to form a sheet and is them then pressed into shape from one of our competitors.

Benefits of MDF – it is cheap.

Disadvantages of MDF – when MDF comes into contact with water it splits and part of the affected engineering timber breaks off in your hand with little effort. Even when MDF is coated with a protected layer.

Benefits of steel – long lasting, strong, robust.
Disadvantages of steel – none.

VESA compatible TV bracket – our competitors quote their enclosures without any TV mounting hardware, so when you compare prising and you add the cost of the components left out, you find a ProEnc anti ligature TV cabinet more cost effective.

Internal thermostatic cooling – we are not aware of any competitor offering a cooling system with a warranty the same length as ProEnc offers.

ProEnc’s doors feature audio venting – so TVs with sound bars as standard can be used and the audio exiting the enclosure can be heard clearly, rather than muffles as in ProEnc’s competitors housings.

ProEnc fits 2 high security locks to each door and the patent pending locking system secures inside the body, unlike their competitors who use cheap, cam or compression locks that can be easily opened with anything from a toothbrush!

ProEnc’s viewing window is virtually unbreakable, this has been used across American and tested in the most testing environments with no viewing window having to be replaced in the past 8 years.

If you want to partner with ProEnc call 0843 2893717 and discuss their anti-ligature TV cabinets.

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