Recessed TV enclosures for detention centres and psychiatric hospitals

Recessed TV enclosures.

ProEnc have designed recessed TV enclosures to complement their existing anti ligature TV enclosures. These recessed TV enclosures are specifically designed for indoor, hostile areas, such as holding cells in airports, or other government detention centres.

Designing a holding room.

ProEnc work extensively with the US correctional facilities and behavioural units in North America and on the odd occasion with the NHS in the UK with their anti-ligature TV enclosures. It’s a common though that the United Kingdom is way behind the rest of the world, in the design of holding rooms and detention cells and has been proven time and time again with the inability to future proof their facilities.

In the USA they have an outlook that a person who is being deported may do something drastic and self-harm, rather than go back to the country they have escaped from. However compared to the UK Border Agency at certain airports, they have the view that putting more staff in a facility rather than protecting the flat screen TV from damage and being a potential ligature point will prevent these issues. We all know what will happen if someone kills themselves, surely in this day and age of litigation, they will cry, neglect of duty of care and breach of their human rights, walking away with a very heathy cash pay out for their loss.

Especially when you compare the cost of the recessed TV housing and the cost of man hours of extra staff, the enclosure would pay for itself in less than a month! Bear in mind when I recently returned to the UK, the queue at the border agency was at least 30 minutes with only 2 people on and severely undermanned and I am a UK citizen – what a joke!

With this in mind, ProEnc are proud to work with several high profile architects in the USA, that specify their product.

Duty of care and self-harm.

If someone is detained in the United Kingdom, they are under the duty of care of the UK government, so when any harm comes to them in our custody, the government will come under scrutiny, unfortunately, at that stage, it is too late and someone will have lost their life, due of the failings of others.

Recessed TV enclosures.

recessed TV enclosures

Now ProEnc have launched their recessed anti ligature TV enclosures, this range of protective housings, prevents anyone accessing a TV and using it as a weapon. These recessed TV enclosures also are locked and stop anyone trying to self-harm as nothing can be looped around the housing, as it is flush with the wall and sits into a recess in the wall. This patented pending design has been specified at 17 hospitals in the USA, 4 hospitals in Australia and the French Border Agency.

How are recessed TV enclosures mounted?

ProEnc’s unique design is bolted from inside the housing to the side walls and as usual, their protective housing comes with an internal TV bracket, thermostatic cooling and the patent pending cooling system that makes this unit the ultimate set and forget product.

So once the anti ligature housing is bolted to the wall, the TV is then mounted on to the internal frame and the door is then locked. Done!

ProEnc’s recessed TV enclosures for detention centres an psychiatric units are available in the following sizes:

RNL36 for displays 27” to 36”
RNL46 for displays 37” to 46”
RNL55 for displays 47” to 55”
RNL65 for displays 56” to 65”

For more information call us on +44 (0) 843 2893717 to discuss our recessed TV enclosures today.

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