ProEnc’s Section 136 TV Enclosure

ProEnc’s section 136 TV enclosure are used under section 136 of the mental health act. It states that the police have the power to arrest anyone they think may be suffering a mental illness, for the persons own safety. This means taking them to a facility that provides them with the mental health care needed and the protection from self-harm.

This emergency power allows someone suffering from a mental illness to a safe environment, away from a public area, providing the police personnel considers the person in need of immediate mental health care.

The idea of removing the person to a safe environment is to establish their mental health by a doctor and an AMHP (Approved Mental Health Professional), so that the correct care and treatment is provided.

Designing Section 136 facilities.

Within these facilities, they have to provide all the care and treatment necessary, so that the patient can recover quickly back to health. As well as these facilities having all the necessary equipment for the health care of the patient, the locations have to look as home like or familiar as possible.

However most of the equipment has to be anti-ligature, so that the person who enters the facility is safe from the second they enter until they leave. Everything from curtain rails, door handles and even TV’s need special equipment or alternations.

When people are admitted into these facilities they are not in a good place and in some instances have had self-harming thoughts, using these special hardware provides an added level of protection for the patient.

Anti-ligature curtain rails.

These special rails are designed to detach the curtain from the rail when a certain amount of force is applied to the curtain. So should someone thing of self-harming using the curtain, the curtain will simply detach itself from the rail with no real harm to the patient.

Section 136 TV enclosure.

Section 136 TV enclosures are used to protect the TV or wall bracket being used to form a ligature for the patient to self-harm, these steel television enclosures are ideal as they protect the TV, wall bracket and cables from being used, as well as being designed themselves to prevent material being looped around the section 136 TV enclosure.

section 136 tv enclosure
ProEnc’s Section 136 TV enclosures are available in the following sizes:
Code: NL26 for TV’s 17” to 26”
Code: NL36 for TV’s 27” to 36”
Code: NL46 for TV’s 37” to 46”
Code: NL55 for TV’s 47” to 55”

Section 136 door handles.

Standard door handles can also be used as a ligature point, so available on the market are these special handles that prevent people self-harming using them. They are specially designed and made to prevent material being looped around them, in affect the material slips off.

You can call ProEnc Ltd should you wish to discuss your requirements for a Section 136 TV enclosure.

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