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Non loop LCD enclosure used TV protection in Psychiatric Units

A non loop LCD enclosure is a protective steel housing to protect the internal hardware from damage when deployed in psychiatric units.


Interactive digital signage display for the Olympics

Interactive digital signage display units are being considered for many areas around London, especially during August and September for the both the Olympics and Paralympics, discover what is available.


Digital menu boards and the London 2012 Olympics

Digital menu boards are wide spread and will increase during the London 2012 Olympics, as restaurants and QSR’s vie for passing business from people who are attending the Olympic Games.


Digital Signage And The London 2012 Olympics

Digital signage is set to play a major part of the London 2012 Olympics, due to each organisation that is sponsoring the Olympics making a statement for their company.


QR codes+SMS=digital signage

QR codes coupled with SMS messaging are being used by a company to combine digital signage with mobile Facebook users.


Floor Standing LCD Digital Signage For Office Directory

Floor standing digital signage hardware comings in many different variations, from advertising in hotels through to advertising businesses at the entrance of an office block.


Portrait outdoor advertising screens – digital signage solutions

Portrait outdoor advertising screens are used as a digital signage solution for an all year round solution; learn what makes portrait outdoor advertising screens so different.


Advertising LCD Displays – Ease of Use

Digital advertising is a budding advertisement strategy employed all over the world and mainly using the advertising LCD displays for displaying the ads.


Uses for portrait flat panel enclosure in digital signage

Portrait flat panel enclosure solutions are increasing in demand due to the customer demand for screens to be in a more dynamic position, such as the portrait position. These portrait flat panel enclosures are new to the digital signage industry and set to boom.


Wireless or USB media players for digital Signage

USB media players and wireless media players are one of the key parts of a digital signage solution and, so understanding the difference is essential for your digital signage solution to be a success.

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