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Outdoor digital signage using an outdoor TV enclosure

Outdoor digital signage need not be in an obvious outdoor location, this is why an outdoor TV enclosure is sometimes overlooked.


Digital poster and digital menu board installations

When installing a digital poster or a digital menu board you have to consider the location very carefully, making sure that a digital poster or digital menu board does not protrude too much, otherwise someone walking past could catch themselves and get hurt.


Interactive Kiosk The New Digital Signage Solution

An interactive kiosk is at the cutting edge of the new digital signage revolution, these solutions provide the added benefit of engaging with the prospect to improve your brand awareness or to market your product range.


Plasma Enclosure The Digital Signage Protector

Plasma enclosures the outdoor digital signage protector at an affordable price.


Customer Friendly Digital Posters at Theme Parks

A futuristic Digital Poster, promoting the hottest thrill ride, in full blown HD colour and surround sound is the latest technology to enthral the adventure seeking visitors.


LCD enclosure used to protect school digital signage

LCD enclosure guarding digital signage in schools


LCD Enclosure Used To Safeguard Advertising Hardware

When digital signage is deployed outdoors, there is a demand to protect the advertising hardware using an LCD enclosure, this is essential if the project is to have any chance of success.


Stainless Steel LCD enclosure – Beach Protection For Outdoor Digital Signage

A stainless steel LCD enclosure is the perfect solution that will provide both an aesthetically looking solution that also protects the internal hardware from the salt in the air when used on a beach or by a restaurant at the harbour.


Digital Poster The New Dynamic Advertising Solution

A digital poster helps a business to engage with their customers without any hard sell, this is what puts customers off going to hairdressers and beauty salons, as staff has previously tried to sell products they have used on the customer during their treatment.

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