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Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison

  Safe guarding measures; including a television enclosure for prison There’s no doubt about it, prison is not a place to be enjoyed, yet it is a reality which affects so many people. Whether it acts as a suitable punishment is questionable and what rights a convicted person should be entitled to are debatable. Some […]


Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Psych Patients

Installing a mental health TV enclosure to keep patients from self harming. On admittance to a psychiatric facility, a patient can be assured of the best of care by the authorities, who have their welfare as a priority and a duty of care to keep them safe from harm, include a healthy regime of diet […]


Anti Ligature TV Enclosures – Safety First

Safety first for mental health patients with an anti ligature TV enclosures Current health and safety legislation, particularly in the mental health sector, focuses on many issues of anti ligature (also referred to as non-loop) furniture and primarily the television. TV has become a way of life and almost seen as a ‘human right’ and […]


Safeguarding From Harm by Installing a Television Enclosure for Prison

Who pays for a television enclosure for prison? How much does it cost for a television enclosure for prison? For the UK tax payer, is costs millions of pounds, but what is the alternative? Obviously one solution is to not have any television screens for the prisoners, but doesn’t that go against their human rights? […]


Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures – The Jails Choice For TV Protection

Sloped top LCD TV enclosures are a necessity in areas where it is likely that someone could damage the TV or use it as a dangerous weapon against themselves or someone else. This is why it is important to have proper TV protection in jails and other high risk facilities.


Sloped top LCD TV Enclosures Are Demanded In Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities are installing sloped top LCD TV enclosures to defend the TVs in the prisoners cells, without protection the TV will certainly be damaged, this is when sloped top LCD TV enclosures come into their own.

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