Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison


Safe guarding measures; including a television enclosure for prison

There’s no doubt about it, prison is not a place to be enjoyed, yet it is a reality which affects so many people. Whether it acts as a suitable punishment is questionable and what rights a convicted person should be entitled to are debatable.

Some parts of the daily life of a prisoner are seen as a ‘human right’ and to be respected; food, accommodation, exercise and education (therapy, social, and learning), but what about the luxuries, which even some people in or own society have no access to? A warm room, hot meal and bathroom facilities, let alone the luxury of watching television!

OK, so a television in a prison can be seen as a fundamental part of an inmates life: from education and entertainment through to a luxury during their enforced stay, but at what cost? Considering what television set, the budget and the facilities it offers are important, but NOT as important as protecting the TV set. There are people who would abuse the privilege, break the TV and even use it as a ligature point for self harm. This is one of the crucial elements within a prison which MUST be regarded with great caution. Preventative measures will have been put into place for other equipment, furniture and activities within the facility and the screen is just as important.

Self harm, particularly for prisoners comes in many forms; from ingesting a poison, overdosing on drugs (which seem readily available, according to news reports) creating a weapon from parts and also forming a noose looped around the TV screen or bracket. As this is usually ¾ of the way up a wall, it is the right height for a human to hang from. It is not only self harm which is a risk, but also a threat of injury, or even death, against another person: fellow inmate, member of staff or visitor. Mental health is often associated with prisons and therefore every eventuality needs to be checked out. Prevention is better than cure – just think of the implications for a death caused in prison.

Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison

Installing A Television Enclosure for Prison


There are many ‘enclosures’ on the market, but careful consideration is needed to meet the health and safety requirements of detention centres and jails. One particular model is made entirely out of plastic, which shatters with very little force – search for the video comparing this model with a far superior model constructed from steel. Is it really worth the risk of a life? Unfortunately a shard of glass, from the TV screen or from this particular plastic enclosure, can be used as a weapon for self harm or against someone else.

Everyone; staff or detainee, has the right to be in a safe environment and an enclosure from lcdtvenclosure.co.uk will provide a high level of protection.

Calling +44 (0) 843 2893717, or visiting the website, is a wise investment against having to replace a smashed TV set, by including a television enclosure for prison.

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