Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Psych Patients

Installing a mental health TV enclosure to keep patients from self harming.

On admittance to a psychiatric facility, a patient can be assured of the best of care by the authorities, who have their welfare as a priority and a duty of care to keep them safe from harm, include a healthy regime of diet and exercise and also for mental stimulation – quite often by watching television. But to reduce the chances of self harm, an anti ligature TV enclosure is a necessity rather than a luxury.

By far, the greatest risk to psychiatric patients is self harm and suicidal tendencies – a large quotient of patients enter the mental health system both under the NHS and private sector, with variable symptoms of mental illness, which take time to assess, investigate and treat. Pressures on NHS funding and a shortage of medical staff limit healthcare provisions. However, by creating a safe environment for everyone, reduces the chances of self harm, suicide and violent episodes. There is a great range of anti ligature furniture and furnishings, including an anti ligature TV enclosure which will protect against possible suicide incidents.

Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Pysch Patients

Mental Health TV Enclosure – Duty of Care for Psych Patients


There are several reasons for installing a mental health TV enclosure:

  • Firstly, to protect the television set from being vandalised and the broken screen used as a weapon or tools made from internal parts

  • Secondly, protecting the patient from self harming – glass poses a big risk of mutilation

  • Thirdly, preventing a psych patient from utilising a wall mounted TV as a ligature point. An anti ligature TV enclosure is specifically designed to stop material being looped around the set creating a strangulation point.

These mental health TV enclosures are suitable for installing in all areas of the building and not just in mental health facilities, but also in prisons, refuges and places of safety for vulnerable people. Comfort rooms and communal areas are just as exposed as TVs fitted in private areas, like bedrooms. Where patients can not be watched every hour, protecting the television is a safe and sensible solution at a cost effective price. Be aware of inferior products – there are similar enclosures on the market and found via Google, but these are definitely substandard and do not withstand our rigorous product testing for safety. Most makes and brands of television can be fitted into an enclosure – it is just a case of purchasing the right screen size. Screen size is measured on the diagonal.

For expert guidance; from an experienced company offering the complete package from design, manufacture and supply, contact lcdenclosure.co.uk via the website

or call +44 (0) 843 2893717

We take ‘Duty of Care’ very seriously, particularly for vulnerable people and installing a mental health TV enclosure in any location is of foremost importance – giving freedom without compromising safety.

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