Capture More Business Using Floor Standing Digital Signage

How floor standing digital signage can attract more customers

Whether your trade is in the food industry, clothing retail or entertainment business, a floor standing digital signage will draw in more customers than the traditional methods of advertising. It’s just a matter of acquiring the right signage for the job. How big? With sound? Indoors or outdoors? Security? Access and power/internet supply?…

There have been some phenomenal fails too! Look at these photos of how NOT to use digital signage – from poor visibility due to sunlight or light bulbs, to installing expensive hardware and not using it properly.

Floor Standing Digital Signage

Floor Standing Digital Signage Fails!

floor standing digital signage

One of the extra benefits, to promoting a product, is to enhance the customers’ shopping experience, by including clever content graphics and appropriate messages. This is also known as time warping – passing time quickly for customers waiting in a queue. It increases brand awareness by repeatedly displaying the logo or product, therefore increasing potential sales, which at the end of the day is what marketing is all about.

Another factor to consider is the set-up. When sourcing a floor standing digital sign, decide whether the content is going to be uploaded to individual screens or across a network. Generally this kind of kiosk digital signage is a ‘plug and play’ system, where updates are displayed in an instant – even through a network worldwide. Imagine a well known fast food outlet launching a promotion; every outlet from Hong Kong to Iceland (every everywhere in between) is simultaneously formatted at the touch of a button. Some floor standing digital signs are inaccessible once on place, so the only way to run the content is via the internet. No engineer needs to call onto site as it can be fixed, updated and monitored from a remote data centre.

As you may expect, the screens – most suitably in 50” or 55”, have full HD 1080p flat panel display. With sun-bright readable screens which compensates for the glare of the sunlight or from artificial lighting. They are impact resistant and have safety glass making them ideal for public areas. There are specific floor standing digital signs for outdoors, however they are constructed for use all year through. And because of the engineering in construction, they are dust and moisture free. Maybe a landscape configuration works better for you? This is no problem as they can be ordered in either portrait or landscape kiosks and with the option to have touch screen, it makes sense to have the screen height and position accessible to the public.

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There are many more features and add-ons for floor standing digital signage kiosks, including: speakers, a card reader, WiFi points, proximity sensors and a receipt printer.

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