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Riot Resistant LCD Enclosures Protect Digital Signage

LCD enclosures are designed and manufactured to protect outdoor digital signage from vandalism, however during last weeks riots in the UK, these protective outdoor LCD enclosures protected the hardware from looting and theft of the rioters.


Digital Advertising Kiosks For Mall Marketing

Digital advertising kiosks are located in almost every shopping mall in the world, these are the free standing LCD advertising displays that promote various items, from clothing through to perfume.


Restaurant Advertising Using a Digital Menu Board

It is becoming more common place to select your food choice from a LCD digital menu board, than the traditional static type. As technology progresses to new heights, we are faced with a myriad of tantalizing food options, with their taste bud tickling photographs and hunger provoking descriptions – along with appealing prices!


Floor Standing Digital Signage – Eye Catching Ad Solutions

Floor standing digital signage is fast becoming the norm in most retail outlets these are used to either meet and greet visitors or to provide additional information.


Cloud Outdoor digital Signage – The Way Forward?

Cloud-based outdoor digital signage has started to become integrated, but first we have to understand how the Cloud works to fully appreciate how outdoor digital signage can benefit.

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