Riot Resistant LCD Enclosures Protect Digital Signage

Riot resistant LCD enclosures

LCD enclosures are designed and manufactured to protect outdoor digital signage from vandalism, however during last weeks riots in the UK, these protective outdoor LCD enclosures protected the hardware from looting and theft of the rioters, resulting in riot resistant LCD enclosures.

One company designed their outdoor digital signage enclosure so that in the most demanding circumstance the LCD enclosure would protect the internal hardware from vandalism. These had been deployed in London and Birmingham for providing outdoor digital signage solutions to consumers.

The outdoor LCD enclosures where made from heavy gauge steel and the unique design coupled with the high security locks made them the best solution for preventing the looters taking the screens. The LCD enclosure where attacked with minimal effort and due tot he robust construction the rioters moved on to softer targets.

These riot resistant LCD enclosures had a 1/4” thick viewing window that the yobs could not smash, even if they had smashed the viewing window the screen and media player inside would have been extremely difficult to remove without opening the access door.

Other LCD enclosures on the market are equipped with cam locks, these standard locks are designed for indoor use and with that in mind can be opened with basic tools such as a screwdriver.

Riot resistant LCD enclosures

It is a sad day when we have to resort to protecting outdoor digital signage from rioters and looters, however their mind set is much different than any normal person, as they have an attitude that “if they can’t have it, no one can!” Usually meaning that if they cannot steal the TV they smash it so no one else can have it.

The only sure protection for outdoor digital signage is an outdoor LCD enclosure that can stand most vandal and looters attacks.

riot resistant lcd enclosures

These riot resistant LCD enclosures are available in mild steel powder coated as well as stainless steel, made from thicker material than the Industry standard to provide that extra security that is needed in this day and age of mindless destruction. Even the internal mounting frame can be equipped with anti theft bolts, adding more frustration to any would be looter.

LCD Enclosures Global Limited have developed their range of LCD enclosures that now includes a riot resistant LCD enclosures.

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