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Understanding the benefits of OOH Digital Advertising

We are invaded with ads every where we go, no mater if it’s on public transport , or even the reception area of a customers office there is digital signage, with someone or company getting their sales message across to you. Digital signage is the fastest evolving advertising media, due to the fact of the […]


Free media player with every outdoor signage enclosure purchased.

For a limited time only, we are offering a free media player with every outdoor signage enclosure purchased, this will save you at least $219 per location. This media player can feed up to 3 displays from the single unit.  So if you have a future project, get in now and secure your free media […]


NEW LCD enclosure for Gas Pump advertising.

We have developed a new LCD enclosure that is designed to house two 26″ LCD displays or 2 x 24″ TFT monitors, back to back. A media player can be mounted between the monitors and each monitor feeds off the media player. (Each player can feed 2 monitors.) These outdoor LCD enclosures make advertising more […]


LCD enclosures offer protection for OOH advertising.

Companies are spending thousands of dollars on networked digital signage solutions, the problems they sometime over look is that if the digital dynamic signage solutions are located in areas that are prone to vandalism, their investment will have to be protected from potential abuse. A good work around is to include an LCD enclosure in […]


Welcome to Outdoor digital signage solutions and LCD enclosures

We will try over the coming months and years to develop a site that takes the mystery out of digital signage solutions, so that local mom and pop stores can use it for great benefits. We will talk you through some basic and affordable digital signage solutions, as well as media creation for low budget […]

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