NEW LCD enclosure for Gas Pump advertising.

We have developed a new LCD enclosure that is designed to house two 26″ LCD displays or 2 x 24″ TFT monitors, back to back. A media player can be mounted between the monitors and each monitor feeds off the media player. (Each player can feed 2 monitors.)

These outdoor LCD enclosures make advertising more cost effective at gas pumps, as we can now supply them for as little at $700 including the media player.

With more businesses using outdoor signage, the demand for our outdoor signage enclosures has increased. The digital signage market in Europe is said to increase by 129% in 2009 !! That’s an awesome increase, especially when some business sectors are in a slow down.

The cooling of the dual screen enclosure was a concern, due to the flammable area and a spark from a fan could trigger an explosion, however the solution we provided was to cool the enclosure by a special cooling unit that uses no moving parts. With no moving parts – there are no sparks!

The dual LCD enclosure allows the displays to be seen form both sides at the same time, our product will be launched in April 09.

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