LCD enclosures offer protection for OOH advertising.

Companies are spending thousands of dollars on networked digital signage solutions, the problems they sometime over look is that if the digital dynamic signage solutions are located in areas that are prone to vandalism, their investment will have to be protected from potential abuse.

A good work around is to include an LCD enclosure in the project, these protective tv enclosures store the LCD display and media player in a safe and ideal working environment, no matter if the external temperature is -30 or 120! They also protect from unauthorised access and vandalism – these have a robust reputation, having being installed at several Correctional Facilities. The units have the option to come with cooling or heating modules, dependant upon the application and location, so we have the solutions for everyone at an affordable price.

The cost of an LCD enclosure certainly outweighs any replacement cost as well as down time costs of the outdoor digital signage.

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