Understanding the benefits of OOH Digital Advertising

We are invaded with ads every where we go, no mater if it’s on public transport , or even the reception area of a customers office there is digital signage, with someone or company getting their sales message across to you.

Digital signage is the fastest evolving advertising media, due to the fact of the decreasing costs of LCD and plasma television displays. With the increase of digital signage to reach 129% in the UK alone, we will certainly see a huge increase in LCD TV’s sales.

What you would need for an outdoor signage solution.

  1. You will certainly need a media player, this is a sort of small factor PC that runs the adverts on a loop. It has no moving parts unlike a PC and can be used as a standalone system or joined on a digital signage network.
  2. Media content, these are the adverts that up sell your services or products. You can have a mix of video, streaming RSS feeds for news and images of your products. Adding instant impact to your targeted audience. There are sites that offer Free signage software, all you need to do is search Google and you will find them. (The media player comes with it’s own inbuilt media software.)
  3. An LCD display, almost every where you look sells LCD displays. Now a word of caution, you really need to decide where the signage is going to be located. If it is going outdoors, you need to take into account the weather conditions, as a standard LCD display will not work in climates were rain, snow and extreme heat are., they will certainly struggle.
  4. However all outdoor signage companies realise this problem and source all-weather LCD enclosures,  these specifically address the issues of outdoor digital signage (or Out Of Home Advertising). These LCD enclosures and plasma TV enclosures are manufactured to NEMA 4x and European IP rating standards ensuring they will withstand whatever the elements through at them.

There you have it a simple guide to what is needed for an outdoor signage solution. Make sure the location where you site the signage is in a heavy “foot traffic area” (plenty of passing people), but also remember if it’s unmanned it may be susceptible to vandalism and theft.

So you have an application where you need to put a digital signage outdoors but need protection from vandalism and the weather, contact us to discuss our IP65 LCD enclosures at LCD enclosures Global.

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