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8K Video Walls for Enhancing Digital Advertising

As we have just embarked on the latest level of 4k resolution, 8k video wall for enhancing digital advertising, in particular, is certainly for the future.


Tips for Setting up A Video Wall

A video wall is a wall for flat screens that are mounted close together, alongside each other, and are installed for marketing and entertainment purposes.


Video Walls for Shopping Malls.

So much money of the economy is either spent or made at retail outlets, that installing video walls for shopping malls will earn a huge ROI – return on investment. As many hundreds of people pass through a shopping mall on a daily basis – each one is a potential customer.


Using LED video walls

There are a lot of amazing uses for the LED video walls. These video walls are used in many different places and with a great deal of effectiveness.


Installing a Video Wall

The video wall is one of the best methods in which indoor advertising can be displayed. There are many places where this kind of digital advertising can be located.


Promoting Multi-Display Digital Signage

Taking digital signage media to another level is this minutes’ must-have accessory. Display performance is digitally enhanced by means of state of the art graphics and the latest technological developments. By incorporating a multi- array digital signage unit into a shopping mall or airport, for instance, will see significant increases in sales for targeted products or services.


Video Wall hardware solutions for digital signage

Video wall hardware is being used for digital signage applications to create a massive impression with consumers, promoting an advertisers product to the masses.


Video Wall hardware solutions

A video wall is made up of numerous flat screen displays that are mounted so the screen bezels are touching, allowing anyone to create a rectangle of any size with an almost seamless video.


Video Wall Screens and the perfect video wall

Video wall solutions are being deployed in many locations from shopping malls, hospitals, schools and even in NOC (Network Operations Centres), so let us look at the options.


Video wall digital signage solution

People can observe a video wall in trading markets, sporting stadiums and other public or community centers as it is a group of tiled LCD screens that give one giant image, so everyone can see the image clearly.

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