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Opening Up the World of Free Standing LCD Advertising Display

Convenient and free standing LCD advertising display Kiosks or free standing LCD advertising screens provide a contemporary way of promoting a business, product or service. Commonly found on pavements outside fast food restaurants or retail outlets, they give digital out of home advertising, where more traditional forms of advertising are not suitable. Hanging an electronic […]


Touchscreen LCD enclosure for Increased Brand Awareness

Ever though of using touch screen technology in your outdoor digital signage campaigns? Now you can rest assure that the hardware is perfect for this application and at a cost effective price.


World Digital Signage 2014

World digital signage is growing at a phenomenal rate, discover how and what countries are growing.


Reducing the Costs; Use Digital Signage Hire Companies

Try before you buy with digital signage hire companies Scouring the internet, you will find many digital signage hire companies who can offer a solution to your temporary requirement of installing a floor standing signage kiosks.  The range of electronic signage products includes large format display screens, seamless walls, projector screen video walls, touch kiosks […]


How to Create a Floor Standing Display for Digital Posters

Imaginative floor standing display for digital posters Electronic advertising, which includes a floor standing display for digital posters, is usually seen as a low cost way of advertising towards a large target audience; and it can reach a big scale market but the return on your investment (RoI) for installing such screens is an important […]


Digital Signage Housings 101

Digital signage housings have become quite indispensable in advertising and industrial computing. The reason for this is simple: going digital is one of the latest trends in these industries.


Providing Digital Signage Protection 24/7

There are several reasons for the huge importance that is significant for digital signage protection, discover more here.


Uses for Portrait Flat Panel Enclosures in Outdoor Advertising

Many companies are using portrait flat panel enclosures for the protection of the digital signs that are used in advertising.


Tips for Installing A Digital Signage Enclosure

There are several methods that can be used when the installation of a digital signage enclosure is prepared. These tips can make the installation to be effective and will also help in making the best use of the enclosures.


Digital Signage Enclosures – Protection for Advertising Hardware

There are different places where the use of digital signage enclosure has become popular. From airports to ferry ports and even in railway or bus stations, these digital signage enclosures are deployed.

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