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Convenient and free standing LCD advertising display

Kiosks or free standing LCD advertising screens provide a contemporary way of promoting a business, product or service. Commonly found on pavements outside fast food restaurants or retail outlets, they give digital out of home advertising, where more traditional forms of advertising are not suitable. Hanging an electronic screen in the shop window or paper posters on a sandwich board are seen as old fashioned, blow over in the wind or obscure the window display for advertising other products. Even though these LCD screens are smaller and neater, with narrower bevel edges, they can still be quite heavy and without suitable wall mountings can damage the wall or fall. Whereas floor standing kiosks take up very little foot print space, which can be a major limitation – planning permission will usually be required for street furniture or if the building is listed or in a restricted area.

The visual presence they provide is invaluable – no printed literature can present merchandise to the same extent and even sales staff on the shop floor can not demonstrate such information. They are adaptable, with the options of passive or touch screen, in portrait or landscape views and are uploaded with content directly via the internet or USB. Depending on your requirements, most screens come equipped with Intel and Windows and can be designed in the company livery colours and logos. They also have LAN network connectors, USB ports and HDMI inputs.

free standing LCD advertising display

free standing LCD advertising display

As the screens are usually located outside, they will have an IP65 rating – protected from total dust ingress and protected from low pressure water jets from any direction (information from: http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart/). This is particularly suitable for our British climate!

Not only retail windows benefit from free standing LCD advertising displays, but receptions, show rooms and car dealerships too. When choosing a kiosk think about:

  • The location – instillation and laying the power cables under the surface ie. carpet, tiles, flag stones

  • Where is the sun most of the day? Will it obscure the images on the screen? A window blind can over come this issue, but there are screens on the market which are particular sun-bright screens with anti reflective properties.

  • The size of the screen – and therefore the total height of the floor standing kiosks – is your product aimed at 6 foot men? Typically a screen would be 50” and 55” in portrait view.

Whilst there are many well known brands to trust, for a more economical option some of the lesser known brands still offer a compatible free standing LCD advertising display. Usually it is a question of budget which determines which screen to purchase.


For a cost effective solution, giving you all the options on a free standing LCD advertising display, from an experienced team, call lcdenclosure.co.uk on +44 (0) 843 2893717

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