Digital Signage Fail

Digital signage fail – sometimes it doesn’t work out!

When any digital signage hardware is planned to be installed, it has to be planned correctly, otherwise a digital signage fail is waiting, as you can see from a recent installation in a well known high street grocers, they are missing a huge opportunity with this blunder!

Digital Signage Fail

Preventing a digital signage fail.

One of the first things you have to consider is that the hardware will last as long as possible. Looking at this installation the screens will burn out in a matter of months.

Nothing would be worse than having to replace the hardware due to the screen burning out. The only time this will change is on a Saturday as the store is busy then, so for the rest of the 6 days the store is open the sign displays the same image!


How to turn a digital signage fail into a success.

We would certainly, put adds on the screen using a networked media player, to promote offers in-store. Currently the monitor is used to tell customers which till is available. During the 20 minutes I was in store, the monitor’s screen did not change, which I would expect to reduce the life of the screen.

Digital signage needs content to be engaging and if a store goes to this expense it certainly needs to know that it’s investment will pay off, in this instance it will result in additional costs.

The same functionality of informing customers can be achieved whilst engaging with customers, offering promotions or notifying customers of future special deals. For around the same price as this installation cost, unfortunately this installer failed miserable!

More digital signage fail pictures can be seen below in the link, get a coffee and have a minute.

When digital signage fail, for a more successful solution contact us, our contact details are on www.lcdenclosure.co.uk


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