ProEnc anti ligature TV cabinet for challenging environment furniture

ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV cabinet.

ProEnc Ltd manufacture anti ligature TV cabinets for the NHS Trusts across the UK, this is due to the robust nature of the housing. ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinet is the only one in the industry fitted with high security locks and a sound bar for audio to exit the housing.

Why ProEnc?

In 2009 the directors of ProEnc worked extensively with the UK and US mental health department to design and manufacture an enclosure that would address all the issues that arise in challenging environments. Their design was the first to be approved by both UK and USA mental health departments, as all the issues in a psychiatric unit or detention centre had been addressed. They went through what was the most cost effective material from MDF to steel.

The mental health board found that MDF was easily damaged by patients, as they pick at the top coating and pour fluid onto the raw board causing it to split and to be unusable. Thus sheet steel was the ideal solution.

Their enclosures ensure:

• No cables are accessible.
• Each unit is fitted with high security locks
• A fixed or tiltable VESA bracket is included as standard
• Thermostatic cooling system
• 10mm thick viewing window – virtually unbreakable
• Steel construction
• 4 sloping sides – no material can be looped around the housing

ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinet solutions.

ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV cabinet have been deployed in UK border agencies, psychiatric hospitals and prisons across the UK, Europe, Australia and America.

TV cabinet sizes.

The sizes range as follows:

  • NL26 for televisions 17” to 26”
  • NL36 for televisions 27” to 36”
  • NL46 for televisions 37” to 46”
  • NL55 for televisions 47” to 55”
  • NL65 for televisions 56” to 65”

As you can see from the standard specification, the enclosures are well thought out.

anti ligature tv cabinet
Why ProEnc’s ligature resistant TV cabinet?

Well apart from their pedigree of manufacturing quality steel enclosures, check out the videos blow to see how robust ProEnc TV cabinets are.

For more information on ProEnc’s anti ligature TV cabinets call +44 (0) 843 2893717.


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