Digital Signage: A Breakthrough for Estate Agent Advertising


How Estate Agents are Embracing Digital Signage

Who hasn’t seen digital signage in the high street? It’s hard not to see it, but other businesses apart from retail and food outlets are investing in screens as a contemporary form of advertising.

There are so many benefits to using digital signage – lets look at a few to dispel any myths or uncertainties and encourage businesses that this is the way forward. Not only does it give the edge over competitors, it shows a committed, professional and forward-thinking company who oozes confidence and success.

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Digital Signage – Estate Agent Fail!

  • Consider the ongoing cost of printing – prices are increasing all the time and of course there is the waiting time, proofs to read and approve and mistakes can be expensive! Compared to the content being uploaded to a screen, where alterations and additions are made in real-time and you are in full control.

  • Catching the eye of a prospective customer is crucial to making that sale – by using digital signage it’s easier to entice customers by the clear screen, with bright colours, HD and even a touch screen.

  • People are attracted to screens and moving images; we watch TV and use computers all the time, this is just another form of a screen.

  • Make your digital signage work for you. Not only by broadcasting your promotions but also by generating income from associates, neighbouring businesses and local trades; an add-on to selling a house, now clients have access to plumbers, electricians, solicitors, etc.

  • Interact with your customers through media. When all the office staff are already dealing with customers, let the screens ‘entertain’, by displaying your current houses, adverts and even the news and weather. This is also know as ‘time warping’ – designed to keep customers on your premises. Look at it as another employee (but without the expected benefits of sick and holiday pay).

  • These state-of-the-art screens give the impression of a professional business and not only look attractive but are also informative, entertaining and create an individual and unique office layout. Most screens will be sun-bright readable, so they can be seen in bright sunlight or light bulbs conditions, where the image would be distorted – but do check when considering a digital screen.

  • You are in-touch with your customers, even without speaking to them, as digital signage has already broken the ice and introduced them to your portfolio. Marketing this way displays an effective communication between employee and customer.

  • The versatility of a digital signage screen allows many options of advertising and displaying relevant information – you can add anything, from twitter feeds, photographs and even a news channel – you are in full control and you don’t have to be a computer geek, most screens are plug and play.

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So why have your competitors, already using digital signage, got the upper hand? They are ahead of you…

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