The Many Faces of A Digital Signage Kiosk

Our evolving world with a digital signage kiosk.

Seeing a digital signage kiosk is nothing out of the ordinary these days, but just a decade ago they were emerging into our everyday lives. Now, how can we do without them? From advertising, way-finding and even ordering our fast food meal: this technology is overtaking our world! Our cell phone and smart phone devices all work on the same principal, graduating to larger hand-held devices right through to floor standing digital signage kiosks. These can be found in public areas for use by advertising companies and information bureaus; because of their ability to attract attention. With many thousands of pairs of eyes passing by daily the screens easily reach the intended target audience, making it a very viable investment.

There are so many different variations of these electronic digital signage kiosks, all designed in a sleek, user friendly way, with optional extras like a touch screen which is very handy for way-finding around a building or campus. There are also opportunities for advertisements to be included, which ad companies love as it makes money. We see adverts in many areas, from static poster billboards through to ad content on ATM machines, so this is no different. The size is chosen suitable to the location it is set in – a 6 foot high screen in portrait mode is more suitable for a shopping mall or airport lounge, whereas a 3 foot floor standing screen in a landscape format suits a way-finding and interactive board more easily.

digital signage kiosk

free standing LCD advertising display

Outdoor digital signage kiosk.

The external structure can either be stainless steel, which is extremely durable and easily cleaned, however a metal enclosure with a powder coated exterior can be colored to match a corporate image or to blend into the background.

But what about the glass panel? It is made from scratch resistant and highly serviceable clear material, which also has shatter proof qualities – it would crack under pressure, but still stay as a whole piece. This is for obvious health and safety reasons in such a public place.

Another question from prospective purchasers is about the connectivity: electric power supply is usually a lead from the floor, with options for using a USB or wireless internet connection. This is especially useful for hard to reach places and remote locations. It also diminishes the down time and need for an engineer to attend the site. Even though one design fits all, there are limitations for some models though, for example, the location a digital signage kiosk is to be fitted. Outdoor kiosks are designed to withstand weather damage from wind, rain and the sun, as they have a sun bright screen to counteract against the suns glare on a bright day. This is also a feature which may be useful for an indoor electronic kiosk too.

If you have a project where a digital signage kiosk will be purchased for advertising or way-finding then call (0843) 2893717 or visit the website: lcdenclosure.co.uk for more information.

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