Digital Signage Storm protection using LCD display enclosures

Storm protection with LCD Display Enclosures.

When digital signage is deployed, LCD display enclosures are to be considered for potential storm protection. Recently we saw a large flood in New York that was caused by flood waters from Hurricane Sandy, a lot of the outdoor digital signs got damaged with water and had to be replaced.

Digital signage storm protection.

LCD display enclosures

When planning any digital signage solution, we tend to forget the problems that nature can through in our path, from hurricanes, earthquakes to tsunamis there is little if anything we can do to stop it, yet we can do something to prevent against it damaging too much.

The clean-up costs for New York alone are estimated in the region of $18 billion, it is not just the replacement costs of the advertising hardware, but it is also the downtime that is created by waiting for replacement equipment as well as advertise getting frustrated as the adverts are not being displayed on they are not seeing a return on investment.

Storm protection that the LCD display enclosures offer.

Let us start by saying that all storms cannot be protected against, such as earthquakes and Hurricanes. Yet LCD display enclosures will protect against water ingress, high winds, snow and even dust. These outdoor digital signage housings, manufactured from heavy gauge steel and fully welded ensure that water ingress and airborne debris ingress.

The design of the LCD display enclosures ensures that the door is flush fitting and the door locks secure into the body of the housing preventing the locks been prised open. The door seals against the housing body and some sealing gasket providing a waterproof door.

Water ingress cannot gain access through cable access points, as these access points have waterproof fittings, that seal around the cable providing again a waterproof seal.

The heating and cooling system are thermostatically controlled and only operate when required, so do when the temperature inside the housing falls below 2 degrees C, the heater is activated and heats the enclosure to the required temperature before deactivating. This ensures that the housing is heated before any damage to the electronics occurs.

Cost of replacing damage hardware vs purchasing LCD display enclosures.

Now the trade-off between purchasing outdoor digital signage hardware and indoor digital signage hardware that will be accommodated in an LCD display enclosure is initially down to price.

The dedicated outdoor hardware is more expensive, it takes longer to get from suppliers but does exactly the same job as indoor digital signage hardware that is situated in LCD display enclosures. These protective housings offer the security needed.

So some advertisers will prefer to buy outdoor grade hardware, irrelevant of the cost but these are in a minority, as most advertisers are working to a tight budget, this is what makes LCD display enclosures popular.

More and more system integrators are deciding to install the protective housings rather than having a great reinvestment for the same solution.

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