Backyard outdoor TV enclosure

Using an outdoor TV enclosure.

A backyard outdoor TV enclosure is something to be considering this time of year, as spring is just round the corner.

Why put a TV in your backyard?

With spring just round the corner homeowners are beginning to think about the garden, this may need remodeling then maybe even considering adding a hot tub. One thing is for sure when the spring is here we do not want to be having to do any gardening, we need the remodeling to be planned and ready for action.

Once the garden is remodeled, we can invite friends and family over to spend quality time with them. This could be as simple as having a family meal together while the men watch the football game on an outdoor TV. It is no good fitting a TV outdoors when the TV is not protected adequately enough, as this will result in a TV failing and disappointment throughout the family.

Once the remodeling has been planned, the following need to be taken into consideration during the planning stage.

  • How cables are going to be run from the house to the TV and a hot tub?
  • Where the TV and a hot tub are going to be fitted?

Most Americans enjoying the outdoor living, this is why most of them enjoyed their own back yard and this is when the homeowner can put their mark on their own home.

How to protect the backyard TV?

outdoor TV enclosure

There are several ways to protect a TV in a backyard, the first being a plastic cover to protect the flat panel screen from the rain, the second use of plastic housing of the third is a backyard outdoor TV enclosure, let us look at these individually.

The plastic TV cover.

These are easy to fit as they just slip for the screens and are secured with Velcro, however they offer no physical protection, as people can damage or even steal the TV. They have limited whether protection, as they only protect the screen from rain coming into contact with the hardware.

Plastic TV Housing.

These are becoming very popular however we are experiencing a great number of people contacting us wanting to replace them, due to several design issues.

The first issue is that the housing is not facility to put a heater and if a heater was fitted it would melt the plastic housing!

The second issue is that the only moisture control within the units is by using a sachet of silica gel, unfortunately one tiny sachet of the gel will become saturated within 5 minutes of it raining and therefore will not absorb any more moisture this will just begin to condensate on the circuit boards inside the TV. You can dry out the saturated gel sachet but the damage will have already be done to the circuit boards of the TV.

Issue number three, the TV Housing has got to be mounted at an angle high on a wall, this minimizes the amount of sunlight that will hit the viewing window, otherwise the TV will not be seen at all due to the reflections on the Lexan viewing window.

The major issue is number four, the viewing window is locked into the body with cam locks, these cam locks are opened with basic tools such as a screwdriver! You also have to purchase a mounting bracket to go inside the plastic housing for the TV.

Backyard outdoor TV enclosure.

These are manufactured from steel, fully welded, galvanized and have an external grade coating, these offer a high security solution to putting your TV outdoors.

  • The security solutions for the outdoor TV enclosure are as follows:
  • Two high security locks
  • Toughened glass viewing window with anti-reflective coating
  • Tamper proof mounting fasteners for mounting the enclosure to a ceiling pole
  • Thermostatic heating and cooling system

As you can see this backyard outdoor TV enclosure solutions are a well-designed and thought-out product. Using over 23 years’ experience in manufacturing protective housings has been the basis for the backyard outdoor TV enclosure.

These protective housings provide all the protection from the rain, snow and sunlight and not forgetting vandals and thieves.

DOOH Ltd is in the leading manufacturer of backdoor outdoor TV enclosure solutions, their range of problems can be seen here.

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