LCD display enclosures or outdoor TV enclosure – Discovered The Differences.

LCD display enclosures Vs. an Outdoor TV enclosure

There are several differences between LCD display enclosures and an outdoor TV enclosure, the differences will be highlighted below, as well as what applications they are used for.

LCD display enclosures and they uses.

LCD display enclosures are predominantly used to protect an LCD display when used for digital signage applications, this can be indoors or outdoor use. The display enclosure is manufactured from metal and painted in a robust outdoor coating, the metal housing protects the internal hardware from any unauthorized access as well as the weather.

Indoor use protecting digital posters.

lcd display enclosures

For indoor use the LCD display enclosures are ideal to protect digital posters in locations such as airports and railways stations, as these areas work at 24×7 a potential damage to the hardware is quite high. Usually the LCD display enclosure is fitted with a thermostatic cooling system, this ensures the internal hardware is kept at the correct temperature no matter what the outside temperature is.

Outdoor use protecting outdoor digital advertising.

Although outdoor digital signage hardware is available as a weatherproof solution, using LCD display enclosures to protect the screen and a media player is more cost effective solution. Here the display enclosure is fitted with a thermostatic cooling and heating system that protects the hardware from temperature as high as 150° F to freezing temperatures of -30° F. In extreme conditions, such as constant sub zero temperatures the LCD display enclosure is fitted with high density insulation, this ensures that any residual heat from the screen is absorbed and over the period of the day is released slowly. This is more cost effective than having the heater and cooling system on all the time, but the heating and cooling system is thermostatically controlled by the user us total control of what temperature the system operates at.

Outdoor TV enclosure and their uses.

An outdoor TV enclosure is often referred to in digital signage applications, however an outdoor TV enclosure is normally used in a home environment, such as when somebody is remodeling of their garden or backyard and as part of an the new layout they want to install a TV outdoors, this is when an outdoor TV enclosure is mainly used.

Just because the outdoor TV enclosure is for home use, there is no cutting corners us all the when same technology, for example the thermostatic cooling and heating system is supplied for both units as well as the high security door locks, toughened glass viewing window and internal TV mounting bracket.

Both the outdoor TV enclosure and the LCD display enclosures can be mounted directly flat to the wall or can be mounted on a standard ceiling pole that has a VESA pattern of 600 x 400.

Why the different names?

Now the reason for the change in terminology is that the LCD display enclosures will protect commercial grade screens that are predominantly used in digital signage, no matter if is an outdoor or any indoor application. Were as an outdoor TV enclosure, will accommodate a regular TV they can be freely purchased from Wal-Mart or Costco.

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