Transportation digital signage.

Transportation digital signage and the rise in use.

When you’ve been to any transport hub such as an Airport, train station or ferry have you not noticed the use of digital signage to keep you informed and entertained during your wait for connections? Transportation digital signage in these locations is increasing quickly, as passages need to be in told of any changes to their itinerary, for example when a plane it is cancelled due to poor weather or when a train is cancelled due to maintenance works on the track.

Let us look at transportation digital signage solutions.

These are available in two types, outdoor and indoor units. Let us look at these individual, firstly outdoor solutions.
Whenever you have approached the entrance to the departures area of an Airport, have you not seen the screens in protective outdoor TV housings informing you of what check-in desk to go to? These passenger information screens are there for your information, guiding you through the check-in processor as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption.

Interactive way finding.

In some airports and ferry terminal car parks you will see floor mounted screens these guide you to which terminal to go to, these are activity by touching the screen and entering the travel reference number this is then located in a passenger information system and directions on the screen provide clear instructions on how to get to the gate at the airport for instance.

Indoor Transportation digital signage.

These transportation digital signage solutions are mainly non touch solutions; dotted throughout the terminal of an airport YOU will find both ceiling mounted displays and wall mounted screens. These are used to display arrivals and departures details, so that travelers can see what is the latest time to get to the departure gate. All the other hand, if someone is collecting a friend or loved one in arrivals, they can clearly see from the displays if the plane is delayed and exactly what position it is for instance if they have disembarked.

We also offer a floor standing kiosks, these have a similar function for displaying the passenger information however advertisements are displayed on the screen too. These adverts are there to promote items in duty free or retail outlets for internal flights. These Advertising Solutions are used to increase brand awareness and to notify customers of new brand lines, thus providing a time window for the passenger to shop. This experience takes up spare time that otherwise would be spent with the passenger sat down twiddling his thumbs-this is known as the time warping, this way everyone wins with transportation digital signage.

transportation digital signage

How transportation digital signage is controlled.

In all installations some type of screen and media player are connected, the media player can either be a entry level USB player that stores the content locally any updates are to be done manually. However when more than five screens need updating simultaneously the most cost-effective way use to use networked media players. These are connected to the Internet and given a separate IP address, and then any new ads can be added to remotely, using the Internet connection. A networked media player general account has a hard drive built-in with a minimum of 250 gigabytes of storage room ideal for any advertising campaign.

DOOH Limited is a leading supplier of transportation digital signage solutions having previously supplied several companies with transportation digital signage housings, more can be seen on the website http://www.lcdenclosure.co.uk

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