Psychiatric Units & TV Protection

Anti ligature LCD TV enclosure.

When the management team for a psychiatric unit plan a wing or section, they have to look at every aspect for potential self harming to the client and to any equipment, this is why televisions in a psychiatric unit need protecting.

When a client is placed in the care of a psychiatric unit, the care for that person is the responsibility of the unit manager, so everything has to be controlled to minimise the risk of self harm, otherwise if the client harms themselves the unit has to justify what happened, causing a mountain of paperwork and not forgetting the anxiety for the clients family.

When you look at a psychiatric ward, you will see that all the furniture is designed to prevent the patient from harming themselves, even the windows open a fraction not fully to stop patients from absconding. Now many of these wards and unit are having face lifts or new ones are being built with the latest technology.

One of the key objectives is to care for the patient whilst minimise any incidents, this is why some new mental health units are implementing routine suicide risk screening so they know who to watch most.

One thing to protect is the television, if you have ever had an accident with a TV screen, you will know how sharp the fragments of glass are, so imagine if televisions were not protected in this sort of situation, the costs in both human life and replacement costs for the screens would be huge.

One thing can prevent this –an anti ligature LCD TV enclosure.

These are unlike digital signage enclosures, as these just would not cut it in a mental health unit and patients would certainly harm themselves on these units, as they are designed to protect only the hardware inside the casing. This range of anti ligature LCD TV enclosure protect the patient from self harm as they cannot access the TV to smash it and use the shards of glass to harm themselves, it also cuts down on replacement costs for the TVs.

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