An LCD Enclosure – When Security Matters

LCD enclosure – Security Matters.

An outdoor LCD enclosure is a new phenominom when someone wishes to install a regualr home TV out in their backyard or a commercial screen outdoors for digital outdoor signage. The key reason these housings are designed for is to protect the TV no matter if it is a plasma, LED or LCD screen in an outdoor location knowing they have the correct protection from the weather and vandals.

An LCD enclosure provides all the protection to keep the hardware inside safe from the external elements including dust, rain, and even snow. So these units have to be robist as well as weatherproof.

These housings also protect from the external temperature that a TV encounters, using various methods to cool – preventing overheating of the television as well as heating preventing the outdoor TV freezing.

Due to the robust design of an LCD enclosure they also offer protection from actual attacks from vandals, the better LCD enclosures are manufactured from heavy gauge steel and fully welded for maximum strength.

LCD enclosure – Without security the investment will sore.

However some LCD enclosure manufacturers place too much enfaces on looks, if the enclosure works as intended by protecting the digital signage hardware from the weather and hooligans, it has done it’s job. It is no good looking very pleasing to the eye but being compromised easily and the internal hardware either damaged or stolen – which would you prefer a secure LCD enclosure or a nice looking unit that has to have the hardware replaced frequently due to theft or damage?

Outdoor digital signage is sweeping the world with vibrant outdoor marketing, that allows businesses to enforce their brand on consumers. This is why digital signage outdoors is such as success, as it engages with the consumer.

But when these advertisers are investing heavily into outdoor digital signage, the major concern has to be is their investment protected? If for example the LCD enclosure has placed more enfacise on looks rather than security and practical aspects the chances are that the hardware will be damaged in a matter of days if not weeks and will need replacing.

So look for an LCD enclosure  manufacturer who offers a slution that will deter the most determined physical attacks and your investment for the hardware, knowing it is protected, However if you want a solution that will protect your delicate digital signage hardware in all conditions, we have the answer.

LCD enclosure Global – Outdoor digital signage enclosures of the highest quality and standard.

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