London 2012 Olympics Digital Signage

London 2012 Olympics Digital Signage Hardware.

During the build up to the 2012 London Olympics digital signage was thought to play a large part of entertaining the visitors, with this in mind a client turned to us to manufacture a bespoke solution for them that would be the spot light for them as their London 2012 Olympics digital signage solution, this integrated various solutions in one.

London 2012 Olympic digital signage.

We say everything from BT using an LCD screen in a mirrored stainless steel enclosure, that appeared to be over bent, as the surround to the face of the enclosure was badly distorted and did not look good. Comments had been mentioned to us, but thankfully we had nothing to do with that unit!

An alternative solution for London 2012 Olympics digital signage.

This was a massive video wall that was placed on the approach to the park, just after the Coca cola Beatbox, this was very impressive. You also saw the different digital posters and in the restaurants digital menu boards were present. This did prove to be one of the most successful Olympics and the London 2012 Olympics digital signage had a small part to play.

Our London 2012 Olympics digital signage solution.

Our solution for the London 2012 Olympics digital signage was a 2.5 metre high portrait flat panel enclosure that integrated an LED panel on one side, with access tot he unit on the other. The front of the digital signage totem had a 47″ LG screen mounted, along with a network media player with an internal hard drive, then on the rear of the portrait LCD enclosure an A0 size light box was fitted internally so a sleek look was achieved.Sounded was provided to each of the 9 digital signage totems via an internal amplifier and 2 x 100 watt speakers.

Located just off Britannia Row, people could sit and enjoy a picnic whilst watching the digital signage solution, as you can see it does look attractive.

London 2012 Olympics digital signage

portrait LCD enclosure

portrait flat panel enclosure

As part of Olympic legacy the units have to be recycled, so if anyone is interested in a cost effective digital signage solution that was used at the Olympics, do not hesitate in contacting us on 0844 3574902.

We are proud to be associated with the games as well as supplying our digital posters as well as the London 2012 Olympics digital signage solution.

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