Digital signage enclosures for outdoor digital signage protection.

Digital Signage Enclosures Tips.

When deploying outdoor digital signage, digital signage enclosures are being used to protect the vulnerable electronics outdoors. Learn more here.

What solutions are there for protecting outdoor digital signage?

Well flat panel enclosures can be used to protect the digital signage solutions, these work by accommodating the screen and media player in a protective housing very similar to digital signage enclosures. The steel protective enclosure lcd design also prevents water ingress as well as physical attacks.

Why the different names?

Digital signage enclosures.

Predominantly used in the digital signage market to protect the digital signage hardware solutions in vulnerable areas such as the educational campuses that in the evening are open for anyone to walk through or even vandalize the digital signage solutions.
The steel protective digital signage enclosures are designed with protection in mind, as these are fitted with a high security locking mechanism. Other manufacturers offer cheaper locking solutions they can be easily opened with very basic tools such as a pen knife.

Weatherproof LCD enclosure.

digital signage enclosures

The so these are usually made from either mild steel and powder coated in an external grade coating finish or alternatively made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion in external areas. This is essential when the digital signage solution is being deployed in areas that have a lot of salt in the air, such as by the ocean or beach. Imagine the frustration if a standard outdoor TV enclosure was used but quickly corroded due to the salt in the air, the advertiser would certainly not be happy! This is why stainless steel weatherproof LCD enclosure solutions are used.

Flat panel enclosures.

These are normally used to protect TVs in outdoor, backyard applications, here home owners can install flat panel TVs in their backyard or a patio knowing that the TV is safe from vandalism and potential theft if the correct enclosure lcd design is purchased, the incorporates the high security locking mechanism.

What do digital signage enclosures come with as standard?

There are numerous manufacturers of digital signage enclosures, however there is only one manufacturer who provides all the necessary protection as a standard product. The steel digital signage housing comes complete with;

  • Both thermostatic cooling and heating systems,
  • An internal TV mounting frame,
  • Toughened glass viewing window with anti-reflective coating,
  • Two high security door locks,
  • Secure concealed hinges there are.

The other manufacturers provide the steel housing and by the time both thermostatic cooling and heating systems are added, then you the toughened glass viewing window with anti-reflective coating that is essential to ensure that the advertising is seen even in bright sunlight, the price of these other digital signage enclosures are far more expensive. It seems as these other manufacturers do not understand the needs of the digital signage installer or advertiser.

A digital signage installer needs to know the once the digital signage enclosures are installed they are there for a number of years without having to support the enclosure.

This is why DOOH Ltd is the only company who manufactures digital signage enclosures complete with everything an advertising or installing needs and is backed with their 7 year warranty on the enclosure and 3 years warranty on the internal electronics.

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